‘Chris Hyde’ former Drummer for ‘Vengeance Rising’ & ‘Deliverance’ Dead at 50


Chris Hyde 2013Chris Hyde aka DrJekyl former drummer of Holy Soldier (1985), Vengeance Rising (1991) and Deliverance (1985–1990) has died at age 50. Chris was dealing with a long-term illness, and he went home to be with the Lord at 11:45 (Wednesday, February 18, 2015) last night with a family friend by his side. So has released the news a few hours ago, through the social network Facebook. There are many people who are writing their condolences on the facebook profile of Chris. 

Below some reactions from Chris friends and former bandmates:

Larry Farkas (Vengeance Rising): ‘A great man and Brother left us today. Love and miss you Chris, You always made me laugh, And i had some of the greatest times of my life with you. Thank you for being my Brother, Friend and Band mate in both Holy Soldier and Deliverance. Welcome to Eternity. Rock on.’

Doug Thieme (Vengeance Rising): ‘Rest in peace brother! Cancer didn’t kick your ass you kicked its ass and went to the next level!’

Jimmy P. Brown (Deliverance): I’m so shocked, and In a state of disbelief! Chris was a talented drummer and musician! I am saddened beyond words to hear of his passing… Rest In Peace Christopher (alien) Hyde… Find your rest in the arms of Saviour!!!

Brian Khairullah (Deliverance): ‘Chris was an exceptionally talented musician who I met in the mid 1980s while he was a member of Holy Soldier. Later he joined a band called Deliverance and he often told me about his friend Jimmy Brown. In fact, I met Jimmy when Chris invited me (without Jimmy’s knowledge) to audition to sing for the new band he was in. Of course, once I met Jimmy and heard him sing…and play guitar, I knew that they did not need a singer. When that incarnation of Deliverance disbanded Chris and I had the opportunity to jam together when we formed a band with one of his former band-mates from Holy Soldier, Larry Farkas. Our band with no name was short-lived as the three of us ended up joining Jimmy Brown to form a new version of Deliverance, one that, for several years, kept a main core; Chris, Jimmy and me. We played concerts all over the U.S., recorded several demos and albums and went through quite a few lead guitarists, including my good friend Glenn Rogers and George Rene Ochoa. It was a wonderful and inspiring time for all of us. What an experience to have and to share with such great friends!’

‘Chris will be missed by all who knew him. He had a unique sense of humor that kept everyone entertained, and he had a good heart.’

Glenn Rogers (Deliverance, Vengeance Rising): Today I got word that I lost a good friend and former Deliverance band mate Chris Hyde. He was the reason why I joined D. We worked together painting houses with his brother Randy. I have so many memories of him. I will miss you bro.

George Rene Ochoa (Deliverance, Vengeance Rising, Mortification): Love Chris, you were part of a special time of my life. Some of my most memorable days to date. Deliverance made more of an impact on people’s lives for the Lord than we will ever know. I will always cherish our time together. Thanks and I’ll see you in the Kingdom.

Glen Mancaruso (Vengeance Rising, Die Happy): Chris buddy l hope they have Paiste cymbals for ya….R.I.P. brother
Psalm 150:5-6
Praise him with a clash of cymbals;praise him with loud clanging cymbals.
Let everything that breathes sing praises to the Lord!

Pastor Bob Beeman: So sorry to hear of Chris’ passing. He was an amazing man. But I am happy that he is finally painless, and in the presence of Jesus!

Frontline Records: Chris Hyde, a Frontline Records alum with Deliverance & Vengeance Rising, has passed. We offer prayers of comfort for his family and friends

Eric Mendez (Tourniquet): Got this shocking news. I’m a bit speechless. Nothing to say.. Just super bummed out.
First time I saw Deliverance was at garage in Oxnard California. There was about 5 of us experiencing this giant wall of sound. Then I saw Deliverance playing in different places. One of them was in a place called The Oasis in Hollywood in Selma street close to Sanctuary.

Les Carlsen (Bloodgood): So sorry to hear this guys, ours band mates are often times as close as family.

Andy Robbins (Holy Soldier): Chris was indeed a great friend, a great spirit and a great band mate. I am so saddened he left us so young.

Deliverance 1989

‘Hyde Under Pressure’ is not a real song, but more of a joke/interlude where Roger yells at Chris for not playing as he tells him to play.

Video below ‘Weapons of our Warfare’

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