‘Slechtvalk’ “New Album Recordings Done, Awaiting Mix”, Pictures from the Studio Posted


slechtvalk_logoSlechtvalk recently finished recording their new album. The upcoming yet untitled album is recorded, mixed & mastered with Lasse Lammert at the LSD-Studio in Lübeck (Germany). With an expected release date of October/November. Earlier today the band reported the following:

‘For the past 3 weeks we have been with Lasse Lammert at LSD-Studio to record our 5th album and we had a blast. Lasse is a great guy to work with (probably because we share the same sense of humour and many other interests) and the recordings went very smoothly. Wether it was his attitude or our preparation (probably a combination of both), the process was rather stress-free and we had sufficient time to try out different things in order to get the best result (and a chance for Shamgar to recover from abused vocal cords when attempting to take Ohtar‘s place in low growling, hehe), a luxury we didn’t have when recording “A Forlorn Throne” back in 2009. ‘

‘Now we have to wait for several months until Lasse has the time to mix and master the album in June (next week he starts on a new project with Gloryhammer, so he’ll have his hands full). After that you still need to wait for several months for us to get the last gaps in our budget covered (for artwork, pressing and such) + Raymond Swanland will probably finish the cover-artwork around August (which we need as basis before working on interior-artwork) AND we’ll use the Master to shop around for a good distribution deal and that would probably mean some months of promotion-preparation before the album can be released, but we still think a early winter release would be very much possible.’


Slechtvalk‘s latest album “A Forlorn Throne” was released in the summer of 2010 through the German record label Whirlwind Records, and once and for all proved Slechtvalk’s dominance as one of the best Dutch Blackmetalacts, receiving excellent reviews throughout Europe.

To read our album review, for “A Forlorn Throne” click here.

Slechtvalk‘s keyboard player Premnath Gonesh has released his second solo album “Circumstantia” in November of last year, find the review here.


Shamgar again to abuse his vocal cords and your ears!


Dagor about to deliver some subsonic pain.


Grimbold excited to start recording drums


Ohtar ready to record some heavy punching growling and clean vocals.


Premnath eats epic keys for breakfast.


Seraph ready for some heavy riffing.


Shamgar licks his fretboard for some earmelting leads.

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