New Signum Regis Frontman Jota Fortinho Sings ‘Wrath Of Pharaoh’ (Video)


‘Wrath Of Pharaoh’ is one of the craziest songs, we have ever released. It was on the “Exodus” album in 2013, originally sung by Samuel Nyman from the Swedish band Manimal. Our new singer Jota Fortinho took a look at the song and here is his take on it.

The video can be watched below.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check out the first official single from the new album “The Seal Of A New World”. It’s called ‘Kings Of The Underground’. You can also watch Ronnie playing some of the most interesting bass parts of the song and telling “The story behind the song”

“Exodus” is Signum Regis’ third album and has been released on November 15th 2013 in Europe and December 3rd 2013 in North America through Ulterium Records.

“Exodus” feat. guest vocals by Lance King [ex. Pyramaze, Balance of Power], Michael Vescera [Obsession, Animetal USA], Matt Smith [Theocracy], Daísa Munhoz [Vandroya, Soulspell], Eli Prinsen [Sacred Warrior, The Sacrificed], Samuel Nyman [Manimal], Thomas L. Winkler [Gloryhammer, Emerald], Göran Edman [ex. Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum] and Mayo Petranin [Castaway]. The album was mastered by Tommy Hansen [Helloween, Jorn, Circus Maximus] and the artwork was created by Felipe Machado Franco [Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire]. “Exodus” is a historical concept album about the Israelites who were enslaved in ancient Egypt.

Our album review of “Exodus”can be found here.

Signum Regis will release a new album entitled “The Seal Of A New World” on Nov 22nd 2019 worldwide through Beyond The Storm Productions. It’s the first album with the new singer Jota Fortinho. Check out the lyric video for their brand new song, ‘Kings Of The Underground’ below.

There are 12 new tracks on the album. Among those 12 songs, there are all sonic trademarks of the band. Fans can enjoy fast, melodic, heavy, mid tempo, rocking songs and also an epic ballad.

The album was mixed by Ronnie König and mastered by the famous Jacob Hansen. One of the interesting aspects of the production is, that there are no triggers and drum samples on drums. The sound is 100% acoustic, which is quite rare for a band of this genre and therefore, it helps this album to stand out of the crowd. Backing vocals on the album were done by David Åkesson. You can also hear 2 solos from Magnus Karlsson (Primal Fear, Allen/Lande, Kiske/Somerville) and a guest appearance by Eli Prinsen (The Sacrificed, Sacred Warrior).

The artwork was created by Jota Fortinho.

Signum Regis 2019

L to R: Ronnie König, Filip Koluš, João Fortinho, Ján Tupý, Jaroslav Jančula

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