“One More Song” a Tribute to Late A Common Goal Frontman Mike May, Released Today


IndieVisionMusic and Thumper Punk Records are honored to support the life and legacy of A Common Goal frontman Mike May through the release of “One More Song, a tribute to Mike May”. Mike was the type of person you would like immediately – quick to smile, quick to crack jokes, and quick to lend a hand when needed. His presence is missed by the punk community, which has come together to release this album to raise funds for his family. The title song ‘One More Song’ was written by the other members of A Common Goal (Scott Grenon on Guitar, Brett D. Ennis on Bass, and Jason Autrey on drums) to honor Mike after his passing.

The tracklist is as follows:

1. One More Song – A Common Goal
2. Hope – The Bricks *
3. Blessings and Battles – Platoon 1107 *
4. Live By Truth – The Blamed
5. Ties That Bind – Mainframe (feat. Kim Romero)
6. Never Gonna Be – Pint Killers *
7. A Touch Too Hollow – Loser’s Circle
8. Darkness – No Lost Cause
9. ACG – Living Fire *
10. Tortured Saint – Sef Idle *

*Cover song of A Common Goal. Released and distributed jointly by IndieVisionMusic and Thumper Punk Records.

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