‘Perpetual Paranoia’ – An International Collaboration Between ‘Dale Thompson’ (Bride) & ‘Tiago James de Souza’ (Hand of Fire)


Perpetual Paranoia is a new band, a collaboration between Dale Thompson (Bride, The World Will Burn), Tiago James de Souza (Hand of Fire) – according to facebook, they play extreme metal – not thrash – but old school heavy metal.

Dale Thompson states:

“When I first moved to New Zealand I figured my music career was over. I had far removed myself. Now almost 4 years later I am singing in 4 different bands. Perpetual Paranoia is my latest work. I hope I have your support?”

He added: “Perpetual Paranoia is bringing not only the heaviest music I have done in years but a heavier message as well.”

Dale and Tiago both successful writers and musicians quickly formed a bond through the Internet and upon first listen to Tiago‘s work Dale wanted to work with him. The rest is history.

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