‘La-Ventura’ Frontwoman ‘Carla van Huizen’ Joins ‘Signum Regis’ on Stage (Quality Fan-Filmed Video Footage)


signum_regis_band_2015_Carla van Huizen of Dutch Melodic Metal band La-Ventura joins Slovakian Melodic Metal band Signum Regis on stage to perform ‘Living Well.’ The video was recorded during their show last thursday (March 3rd) at P3, Purmerend, Netherlands. The video can be watched below.

‘Living Well’ comes of Signum Regis EP “Through The Storm” which was released on May 8th 2015 in Europe and on May 12th in North America through Ulterium Records.

La-Ventura will perform at our Mauce.nl Festival on Saturday June 18th. 5 other bands will enter the stage: Pantokrator (Death Metal from Sweden), My Silent Wake (Gothic Doom Metal from the United Kingdom), The Royal (Metalcore from Holland), Undawn (Metalcore from Holland), The Memory Remains (80’s/90’s metal from Holland). The festival will be held at Naxt Stage, Almelo, the Netherlands. For tickets and information see the poster below.


Video below: Signum Regis – ‘Living Well’ (feat Carla van Huizen from La-Ventura)

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