‘One Bad Pig’ – Cover Artwork of Upcoming Album Revealed, Teases New Album


one_bad_pig_2016For a very long time it was very quiet around punk-rock band One Bad Pig (OBP) until Jan. 2016, the band has reunited and recently the band also launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for their first new album in 25 years. Their goal is a humble $7,000. Now they are already over their goal (at this moment $ 11.872). Six more days to go until the end of their Kickstarter campaign.

Check out the album artwork and listen to ‘ The Lust, Flesh, Eyes’ (teaser) and ‘Get Your Hands Dirty’ (teaser) in the soundcloud player below.

On their pledge page, the band writes, “SO, well here we are in the studio once again. Writing and recording new One Bad Pig songs that will soon see the light of day, with your help. So many of our friends around the world, have encouraged us throughout the years to make Pig music again. No record labels this time or companies with deep pockets. This time its a communal project with all of our friends, families and fans.”

“Howdy ONE BAD PIG people! Paul Q-pek here……..Please pray for the band. This is a big year for us as we reunite to celebrate more than 30 years! We are playing in early July at the AudioFeed Festival in Illinois and hope to be doing some local TX dates as well. We are considering doing a Kickstarter campaign for a new album. Also our friend Carl Phelan has written a book about the band called “One Bad Pig Forever”. It should be available soon. As we write new songs, we are hoping to catch the vibe and zeal that we had when we first got together in 1985. Blessings.

Band Members:
Carey “Kosher” Womack
Paul Q-Pek
Daniel Tucek
Lee Haley
Paul Roraback

Upcoming ‘OBP’ Shows:
June 24th – tba, Austin, Texas
July 1-3 – Audiofeed Festival, Urbana, Illinois

Weblinks: Facebook / Website  / Kickstarter




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  1. Thanks for the exposure. We think you guys are going to LOVE this new record! If you missed the Kickstarter campaign, we hope to have preorder information up soon.

    We’ve got the basics recorded on six songs so far – nine more to go! Pray for us, and remember:
    We love you to death! Kosher

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