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SeverityBride in many ways became an institution in the Christian metal scene over the course of its lifespan. Dale Thompson’s distinctive vocal attributes always played an important role in defining the characteristics and sound of Bride. The last album that Bride released was, “Incorruptible” in 2013, which was not one of Bride’s best releases. I was and still am very partial to the earlier works of Bride, as they were far more distinctive and original. However the distinctiveness and powerfulness of Dale Thompson’s voice always remained throughout.

So in 2013 Bride said goodbye to us with “Incorruptible”, and Dale packed his bags and moved to New Zealand and got married. Though I heard rumours that he might start another band, I personally was in two minds over whether or not he should start another band considering the strong legacy that was left by Bride, and the fact that for me “Incorruptible” was not the best album for them to say goodbye with.

Nevertheless here we are with Dale Thompson’s new project blasting away through my speakers like a nuclear assault. The new project is entitled “The World Will Burn” a stars Dale Thompson (New Zealand) and Alan Zaring (USA). Project bands are always interesting and often peek my ears, maybe it’s because I myself have been involved in several project bands in the last couple of years. There are a lot of dynamics involved when you work remotely on a project, and its quite an achievement and an experience to be involved in something like that and see it come alive. My band the Old-Timers which is a hardcore / crossover thrash punk band have been doing this for around 5 years now, and I just love it, and it’s been amazing project to see grow from strength to strength over the years, and has spawned projects within knowing what is capable through modern technology.

So it’s not unusual that bands like “The World Will Burn” can exist in today’s modern world of technological advancements which are pushing the boundaries further and further away, giving way to a new era of possibilities.

It is these possibilities that have given Dale Thompson and Alan Zaring who are both very talented individuals the means to create an album that accumulates the many years of experience that they have in the music industry. Alan Zaring for one is a multi-instrumentalist who has kept himself busy very busy over a number of years in various projects across many genre’s. On “Severity” he brings to us an injection of heavy riff filled momentous rock that exploits his talent and vision with passion and energy throughout.

“Severity” is a hook laden release, and Dale delivers a powerful vocal performance throughout. One can hear that these guys are talented and experienced individuals. That said I find the compositions too similar at times. This can make the album feel longer than what it is, but it by no means takes away from the quality and talent of these two individuals who give a solid performance throughout. So you won’t be getting bored, but I also don’t think it will live long in your player. It’s a great album, which has some great metal hooks, just can’t see myself listening to it every day.

What I love is the fact that these two old-schoolers were not scared to give the album a modern touch. There are many modern elements that draw a sound that is familiar but not cliché’. In all it reflects a stride in the right direction for Dale Thompson at least where Bride in its last release failed.

One needs to go into the album with a clean slate, for me this is not Bride 2.0, so forget about reminiscing about Bride of the 80’s or 90’s in trying to compare the two. This is a new project, a new direction fuelled by a new passion.

This is not an album that is going to shake the coat tails of the top 20 Christian metal releases, but this is a very positive release that shows Dale digging deep within to draw some a refreshed vocal depth that blasts and screams with driving intention. More than what I can say about many bands that seem to find themselves in the top 20 playlists.

I think they really dug deep to give the fans a dose of heavy driving rock that throughout is supported by a magnetic groove which is able to ignite ones speakers at any level.

Even though as I said that there is monotony in all respect to some parts of the album it does not distract from the powerful performance by these old-school rockers. I think in general people are going to like it overall, and certainly their reputation will help drive that.

The overall characteristic of the album is that it burns with energy, it has a fiery explosiveness to it that overshadows the cliché’s and sets the scene straight with the knowledge that these guys can still rock, and still bring some relevance to the music world.

Songs that stand out are: ‘No One Wants To Die’, ‘Torment’. ‘The More Things Change’ and ‘Mad Men’.

Rating: 7/10

Written by Donovan de Necker

Track List:
1 – Absolute Power
2 – The More Things Change
3 – Brand New Song
4 – Madman
5 – The Me Dying
6 – Dream The Dream
7 – No One Wants To Die
8 – Burning Sunset Glow
9 – Place In The Sun
10 – You See Me Coming
11- Why
12 – Torment
13 – Innocent Dream

Band Members:
Dale Thompson – vocals
Alan Zaring – Guitar, bass, drums, drum programming, backing vocals

Video below: ‘Record Label: Goatman Records, Jan. 2016

Buy the album here:
First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Weblinks: Website  / Facebook

In December of last year we did an interview with Dale. You can read it here.

Video below: ‘The More Things Change’

Video below: ‘Absolute Power’

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  1. Personally I would rate it slightly lower.
    I have mixed feelings as I liked early Bride too.
    It’s borderline whether it would improve with time.

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