Jun 042018

Bismoth is a raw black metal project from South Africa, on May 23rd they have released a new album which is titled “Psalmic Peace” . The album is available for free download (name your price download) from bandcamp.

Bismoth started as a one man band black metal project and still remains one to this day. Originally the project was intended to be a live band, but being formed in the city of Johannesburg there were not many like minded musicians available. The band recorded a two track demo in 2012 and about a year or two later was disbanded. Until 2018 the band was revived with an ep/demo entitled “The Road.”“The Road” drew on the original intentions of the band’s demo in 2012, to be raw black metal that is God centred and psalmic. The demo received good feedback in the underground metal scene internationally with over 100 downloads within a few days of release. The band announced earlier in 2018 a full length entitled “Psalmic Peace” would be coming soon and now by the 23rd of May the album is available for download on bandcamp. Jethro de Beer is the main member behind Bismoth, he has also been in other bands over the years such as Be Not Betrayed, Ithiel, Begotten Plagues and so forth. This is most probably the first time ever a band from Africa has released a black metal full length that is Christian.

1. Waters To Dust 04:49
2. The Great Congregation 06:19
3. Eternity 08:08
4. Inner Sanctuary 01:39
5. Perfect Peace 06:08
6. Earth Made Still 04:24
7. Reign 06:06

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