‘Those Who Fear’ Drum Play Through Video Posted Online


Jacob Wilder _ TWFA closer look at Those Who Fear drummer Jacob Wilder’s crazy skill on ‘Ego Trip’ from the album “Death Sentence,’ which was released June 24th.2014 on Facedown Records. Check out the video below.

Those Who Fear are back with their sophomore album “Death Sentence”, and the follow-up to 2013’s “Unholy Anger” is more furious than ever. After exploring the darker side of faith and ideology on their debut full length, Those Who Fear have allowed themselves to give voice to weighty personal and societal issues on “Death Sentence”. The new album bursts forth with a more aggressive interpretation of the east coast hardcore sound we’ve come to expect from TWF, while offering a new musical range thanks to the addition of new drummer Jacob Wilder and the return of engineer Josh Schroeder at Random Awesome.

Our review of “Death Sentence” can be found here.

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