Those Who Fear – Unholy Anger


Unholy War 2013Those Who Fear is a metalcore band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and one of the newest additions to the Facedown Records family. Unholy Anger is their first album after their self-released EP in 2011.

The kind of metalcore they serve is hard hitting and focused on groove and lyrics. I also hear some deathcore influences but I wouldn’t call it deathcore overall.

The cd starts heavy with Daggermouth the song has a nice chugging breakdown at the end of the song. (Un)Holy Anger the titeltrack is one of my favorite songs and has a great groove and features First Blood vocalist Carl Schwartz. The next song Holy Anger has some electronic elements but it’s not something where the focus is. This song has also a bit more breakdowns that the first two.

Burn has some great lyrics:

“We are called to be the light of this world
With the fire that burns within our hearts
I will not let this light burn out
Who can extinguish this flame?”

Day of Judgement is a somewhat slower song. It’s more like one breakdown with the lyrics “Our day of judgement will come”

Sowers Of Discord is also among my favorite songs and it has some great lyrics:

“This is a calling to those of you who can’t bear to see the separation you have caused
We are called to be the body of Christ, the perfect bride, and preach humility towards each other
A divided house cannot stand; we all have our own place, our own purpose
We must be one body, one mind, one church, to serve the one true God.”

Convictions has a little bit more ‘melodic’ guitar work then the other songs but without losing their focus and heaviness. The song also features Matthew Honeycut of Kublai Khan.

Colussus is an heavy instrumental outro track.

Overall this album is nothing new but it is really heavy and has a lot of groove. But overall I miss some variation in the songs. The lyrics are very angry and set the right mood and they hold nothing back in the message.

For fans of Impending Doom, The Great Commission, MyChildren MyBride

Rating: 68/100

1. Daggermouth
2. (Un)holy Anger
3. Holy Anger
4. Leech Life
5. Burn
6. Day of Judgement
7. My Domain
8. Relentless
9. Sowers of Discord
10. Convictions
11. Colossus

Band Members:
John Healy (Vocals)
Josh Miller (Drums)
Luke Healy (Guitar)
Trevor Kope (Guitar)
Josh Ziegler (Bass)

Record label: Facedown Records, Feb. 2013

Weblinks: Facebook / Myspace / Twitter

Buy the album here:
Metal Helm
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Video below for:“Sowers of Discord”

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