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prevailerI think its fair to say that the metal core genre is over populated. There are tons of Christian metal-core bands out there now, and the sad truth is that many I feel play in between the lines of mediocrity. Yes as Christian I like that many of them are open about their faith and the such, but honestly could they please stop playing metal-core. I switch off very often to the sound of metal-core, its just so over done and past its sell by date for me.

This brings me to the latest offering from FOR TODAY, entitled “Prevailer”, a 5 song EP, consisting of 4 new songs, plus an acoustic track which comes with a DVD, of live band footage and a documentary of the band’s history. For Today have been on the scene since 2005, and hail orginally from Sioux City, IA in the United States. The current line up consists of: Mattie (vocals), Ryan (guitar), Sam (guitar), Brandon (bass), and David (drums) . When talking metal-core, FOR TODAY is probably one of the most popular of that genre out there, and is one of the top names that comes to mind. To be honest, their music is not the most imaginative, nor most awe-inspiring, but they are able to string some good riff and chuggs together for some great listening.

The thing is not to be too critical about it, otherwise I could pick holes through it all day. Mainly because a think metal-core is a load of tripe. But if you are FOR TODAY, you not going to sleep badly over that last comment I made because in the mainstream of things all metal-core, those heavy break downs, masked with chuggy bits and regular, but sound guitar riffs stirred up with infectious vocal deliveries ultimately sells tickets at the doors. Their track record is evident of that. So you can’t blow them out the water just because they are metal-core, it would be an injustice, even though I in my personal preference thinks metal core is ……….well lets keep it Christian now. The fact is that the sound they got hits all the right spots for this brand of band. Yes it probably could be a little more imaginative, but their formula works well still for them. This is by no means a technical masterpiece, and it ain’t gonna win awards for originality. However…..

To be honest these 5 songs are not bad at all. You got your groovy bits, your cool riffs for the most part, some great vocal delivery, and to through things for a loop an acoustic track that fares well against the high powered electric assault of the other tracks entitled, “Fearless”, showing that tough guys can cry. Its actually a great powerful number, love the lyrical line, “We will not be afraid!”. The song exhorts one to stand fearless, “if we stand and fight, we are not alone!”. Its also in all probability one of their finest moments on this release.

One of my personal highlights is the lyrical tone, and a credible strong suite for the over strength strength of the album. They really put their faith out there on this one, and one gets the impression that they are singing about how they feel about God, and the conviction of their faith in Him. Though I do not think its in your face, up your nose stuff, “It should have been me with the nails in my hands and feet”. As Christians we should get the idea, but for their non Christian listeners it would possibly fly over their heads, and just be seen as some great poetry of sorts that is of positive nature. Nevertheless there is some great songwriting here even if some of the phrasing is a little cliche’.

In conclusion then, This is like most metal-core albums for me, not much differentiation between songs, and thus the album can become a blur at times. “Prevailer” is in all honesty more of the same of FOR TODAY. Its a solid release, that is filled with all the right bells and whistles for a well produced metal-core album. Utilizing standerd issue metal-core ammunition, this album that largely speaks of the bands faith, oozes the right antidote for fans of metal-core without a doubt. If you are a fan of mainstream metal-core then I urge you to go and take a listen, it could be something that you could in fact like, and be prepared to stick your hand in your wallet for. “Prevailer” is good solid run of the mill metal-core meets Jesus. So if you are in to either, then this should resonate well with you. I think this should fare well as they already have a captive audiance.

Raing: 6.5 / 10

Track listing:
1 – From Zion
2 – Crown of Thorns
3 – Flesh and Blood
4 – Open Heaven
5 – Fearless (Acoustic)

Band Members:
Ryan Leitru – lead guitar, clean vocals
Brandon Leitru – bass guitar
Mattie Montgomery – lead vocals
David Puckett – drums
Sam Penner – rhythm guitar

Your Moment, Your Life, Your Time EP (2006)
Ekklesia (2008)
Portraits (2009)
Breaker (2010)
Immortal (2012)
Prevailer EP (2013)

Record label: Razor & Tie Records, April 2013

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Buy the album here:
USA: Metal Helm
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Video below: “EP Preview”

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