For Today – Immortal


Not mince words: when it comes to For Today, it is immediately clear what to expect. Emotional and passionate the band releases their conviction, leaving no room for not getting their Christian-being. It is something that always had a strong presence on the albums For Today, but at the new album ‘Immortal’ it seems the lyrical content is even more intensified. Some of you will love the declarations by different evangelists in ‘The King’ and ‘ The Call’ and lyrics such as “Only one name has the power to save us. (Eternal One, You stand alone.)” (The Only Name’) and “I am convinced He can save you, because I was once in need of a savior. … My King is alive!” (My Confession’), for some of you it might proof to be (a little) too preachy.

Although the band, just as on previous albums, still thrives on solid metalcore and the breakdowns are still important, the amount of breakdowns is reduced. Instead, some minor (melodic) hardcore elements and melodic guitar lines (think of I The Breather’s ‘These Are My Sins’) are added. It makes the music of For Today a little more diverse and varied, though they still will not lead in a parade of renewal within the metalcore. In other words, it is a sound that you know of other acts, but that is new For Today. In addition, the amount of pure singing what broadened because they do not get the upper hand, they provide more diversity in the vocals (‘Foundation’, ‘Fearless’) instead of being a fetter. ‘Immortal’ adorns guests none other than Jake Luhrs (August Burns Red, in ‘Set Apart’), Sonny Sandoval (P.O.D., in ‘The Only Name’) and Tommy Green (Sleeping Giant, in ‘Under God’).

At ‘Immortal’ For Today displays musical growth, brings nice guitar work and a bright production. On the other hand, it is not an album that rises high above mediocrity. At least For Today shows what they stand for: to bring a Christian message, supported by solid metalcore. To you to decide whether that is your cup of tea…

Rating: 75/100

Written by Patrick

Track list:
The King
Stand Defiant
The Call
Open Eyes
Under God
Set Apart
The Only Name
My Confession

Ryan Leitru: lead guitar, clean vocals
Brandon Leitru: bass guitar
Mike Reynolds: rhythm guitar
Mattie Montgomery: lead vocals
David Puckett: drums

Record Label: Razor and Tie Records, 2012

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