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Oxygen: InhaleThis isn’t just any band we’re talking about. This is Thousand Foot Krutch. Their first albums “That’s What People Do” and “Set it off” had a lot of rap influences, but it was their album “Phenomenom” that blasted them into the rock/metal scene and gave them worlwide recognition. After phenomenom, things got a little softer, but not for the worse. They showed that they were capable of writing songs in all kinds of genres. And the more albums they released, the more genres blended together into one awesome mix. Thousand Foot Krutch has a great reputation and their music has something in it for everyone.

But enough about the past, here it is. Their new album “Oxygen: Inhale”

The album opens up with “Like a Machine”. Musically, it’s typical TFK with great, raw vocals and their signature guitar sound. This shows that TFK have not forgotten their roots and that is not going to change. This song is a really huge throwback to their earlier works, and it even has some  80’s rock vibes in it now and then because of Trevor’s vocals. The song is a good track to start up the album. But sadly, it’s not as hard-hitting and wall-crushing as I had hoped.

Then the next song comes on: “Untraveled Road”. The song begins with a catchy guitar intro to make you curious for the rest of the song. Then Trevor jumps in during the verse, and I have to tell you.. it’s great. It’s not really rapping, but it’s also not just words spoken without a flow to it.  It’s something in between and it works really well. Then the guitars start to get louder and the entire song just explodes  into an anthem-like chorus when Trevor sings with his amazing voice “When we scream, our lips don’t make sound.” It has ‘TFK’ written all over it, but it’s still new and fresh.

“Born this way” kicks in and gives me the 80’s rock flashback all over again. A guitar solo before the song starts is not something TFK usually does, but it does prepare you for what is to come. After the solo, the guitarist plays a riff  that actually kind of reminded me of AC/DC’s “Whole Lotta Rosie”.
I didn’t see this coming, but I also did not expect it to work so well. Because they take the intro guitar riff and add a real ‘TFK’ vibe to it during the verse. Trevor is holding nothing back and sings the entire song with a raw voice that just does not get boring.

“Give it to me” keeps up the heat of the album with great guitar parts that belong to TFK without a doubt. The vocals are raw as they should be and the 80’s rock vibe is still there, which is really great.

Now“In My Room” is a real pure, honest song directly sang to God. Musically, it is okay. The piano does its job and there’s even some violins at the end to make the song complete. But it’s not really anything I haven’t heard before. It’s still a good song nonetheless, and it’s truly the lyrics that make the song as good as  it is. It’s a sang prayer and a beautiful piece of art.

“Oxygen” starts off immediately with a good guitar intro that has a certain feel to it. It’s another song that Trevor sings directly to God, even calling Him his ‘oxygen’. I really like the verse because it gets more energetic by the second. But sadly the song slows down in the chorus which kind of sucks the energy out of the song, while they were just building it up. However, it’s still a great worhsip song.

Songs like “Born This Way” and “Untraveled Road” are definitely the best on this album, and the tracks “In My Room” and “Oxygen” really make the album complete. However, there were some tracks that did not really stand out for me, like “Glow” and “I See Red”. It’s not that they weren’t good, because every song on this album is at least pretty good, but to me they just were not on the same level as the others. The songs “Light me up” and “Set Me On Fire” also didn’t do much for me, but maybe that’s just because of my personal taste. I bet there are people out there who will really like them.

After having released so many good albums, it’s hard to make another album that lives up to that bar. I personally do not think that this album is as good as their previous work, but I’m sure that every TFK fan will love at least some of the songs that are on “Oxygen: Inhale”

Overall: if you are looking for another solid TFK record; you won’t be disappointed. Fans of their heavier work will probably have to get used to this album, because it is most definitely softer than their previous albums. To me, it seemed like this album was a compilation of all their work put together, but also with some new, fresh elements. This album has all their different styles and genres in it.

Rating: 3,5/5

Written by Geert Prins

1. Like A Machine
2. Untraveled Road
3. Born This Way
4. Set Me On Fire
5. Give It To Me
6. I See Red
7. Light Up
8. In My Room
9. Oxygen
10. Glow

Band members:
Trevor McNevan – vocals, guitar
Joel Bruyere – bass guitar, backing vocals
Steve Augustine – drums

Record Label:  Independent, Aug. 2014

“That’s what people do” (1997)
“Set it Off” (2001)
“Phenomenon” (2003)
“The Art of Breaking” (2005)
“The Flame in All of Us” (2007)
“Welcome to the Masquerade” (2009)
“The End is Where We Begin” (2012) [review]
“Oxygen: Inhale” (2014)

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Video below ‘Born This Way’

Video below ‘Untraveled Road’

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