‘Saint Spirit’ New Album “Mea Culpa” Available Now


Saint Spirit 2013“Mea Culpa” is the 5th album of Brazilian metallers Saint Spirit, released yesterday (Jan. 20). The album can be listened to and/or purchased on the band’s Bandcamp page.

The band explains briefly the meaning behind each song, check it below.

Known by its critical Christian position, especially against the existing religious system,  for the first time in “Mea Culpa” the band worked  on a concept album, talking about the horrors experienced by patients in the Hospital Psiquiátrico Colônia (Barbacana – Minas Gerais, Brazil), which was in operation for almost a century.

“The love of God and neighbours are the basis of the Gospel, and this theme points to these mentally ill people who are most often forgotten by the church and society. Thank God there are people who even outside the religious sphere care about these human beings. Here in lies the true Gospel, while the “Christian religion” waste time on nonsense. “Bizoro says.

Musically speaking, the album has in its roots the good old thrash metal, but mixed with elements of metalcore, hardcore and metal djent. The work presented is versatile in the sense that the songs have different dynamics but linked together in essence, designed to make listening to the album something nice and not repetitive.

MEA CULPA (2015)


1 – Solitude Collectives Train
The track that opens the CD talks about the reasons (most unjustifiable) by which people were referred to hospice and the “crazy train” that led them to several cities to the hospital station.
2 – Release The Kraken
It is one of the tracks that we’ve been playing live in 2014. Talking about the fury outbreak that even the most sane person will present after facing torture and humiliation of a madhouse as Cologne.
3 – Pregnant Women
This track has a theme loaded with emotion. Talks about the patients who became pregnant result of rape by other patients or hospital staff who lived the drama of having their children taken soon after weaning.
4 – City Of Roses
The theme of this song is about the antagonism of (nice) city of Barbacena, which hj days is known as the “City of Roses” (for being a major producer) and that in the past was known as the “City of crazy.”
5 – Iceberg
Barbacena is a city that in some months of the year, is pretty cool. And some malicious employees took advantage and left some wet and naked crazy spending the whole night in the freezing open air to die then to be sold to universities of Medicine and thus also decreased the overcrowding.
6 – Volt
It is well known that patients of psychiatric hospitals are subjected to “electrotherapies”, ie shocks to get more say “quiet”, and obviously in Cologne this procedure was used extensively and often took the victim to death.
7 – Mea Maxima Guilt
This track despite being instrumental is charged with meaning. The origin of the term “Mea Culpa” comes from the traditional prayer of the Mass of the Catholic Church known as “Confiteor” in which the faithful recognize their mistakes before God.
8 – Torture
This track is sung in Portuguese, and has a very direct and violent lyrics, so invite Bruno Max Puritan to sing it, and talks about the general knowledge of torture that today happens behind the walls of asylums and leads the internal death.
9 – Hellyard
Many internal (on) lived at the psychiatric hospital for more than 50 years. This song talks about the reality of life summed up in that hell and how crazy is organized in the best possible way to abstract much torment.
10 – Nameless
This track is known to many people, as came out about a year as a single in a lyric video and has come playing it at that time. Talks about the process of loss of identity that the individual goes into that torture and deprivation environment.
11 – Bonsai
At roughly the Bonsai is a tree grown in a extremely limited space and just maturing and staying small. This music draws a parallel in the sense that even the patient being deprived of all dignity, he still is not without traces of humanity.
12 – Roger That
It is a term used in aviation and means “understood”. This song talks about the rule in the Colony, one either believes that it should obey or suffer!
13 – Indestructible
Track that closes the album, and talks about the former patients after disabling Hospital Cologne, survived the years in that hell and now outside those walls gave continuity to what’s left of their lives, living now as far as possible a normal life means to society.

“Against Saints and Sinners [2003]
“The Ways of Faith” [2005]
“Reprise” [2007]
“Vanitas Vanitatum” [2011]
“Mea Culpa” [2014]

Band members:
Clamer Lucio – Guitars (melodic vocals in ‘City Of Roses’)
Michel Mixa – Bass
Rodrigo Bizoro – Vocals and Drums

Special Guests
Frank Lima (Maieuttica) – Vocals in ‘City Of Roses’
Daniel Monteiro (Folhas de Outono) – Vocals in ‘Bonsai’
Bruno Max (Puritan) – Lead vocals on ‘Tortura’

Weblinks: Facebook / Myspace / Reverbnation / Bandcamp

Lyric Video Below  ‘Nameless’

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