‘RED’ Announce New Album “of Beauty and Rage”, Release Date February 24th. 2015


RED 2014“Of Beauty and Rage” – our fifth album is officially out February 24th 2015. We’ve created, hands down, our best album yet. To celebrate this release, we also have created an exclusive, collectible full-length graphic novel inspired by the music and messages of RED.

You can now Pre-order the new album and the graphic novel at PledgeMusic We wanted to connect with our fans in a whole new way so we partnered with PledgeMusic in order to also offer a ton of one-of-a-kind experiences and exclusive items which you will only be able to find there.

Recording this album has been such an amazing experience for us and we really want to share that journey with you. Once you pre-order any of the packages you will get instant access to a special part of the site via the ‘AccessPass.’ There you will receive exclusive updates from us!

You’ll be the first to hear song samples, see pictures from the studio and during the music video shoot and get a behind-the-scenes view of the creation of the graphic novel. We want to bring you into our world as we release our new album, “of Beauty and Rage”!

RED‘s latest album “Release The Panic” has been released on February 5th. 2013 via Essential [Provident Label Group/Sony].

Release The Panic is available in both Deluxe and Standard editions. The Deluxe edition includes five additional songs; two brand new and three remixes of “Death of Me,” “Hymn for the Missing” and “Breathe Into Me.”

To record Release The Panic, the group teamed with producer Howard Benson [P.O.D., My Chemical Romance, Daughtry] at his brand-new West Valley Studios in Los Angeles. RED have delivered a potent set of standout songs that were mixed by Benson and Mike Plotnikoff including “Perfect Life,” “Die For You,” “Release the Panic” and “Same Disease.”

Album review quote:

“Overall it’s an energetically engaging and hard hitting album that reflects great talent and has the goods to keep them at the top of the game, but it’s by no means better than their previous releases, it neither worse than them, it’s a sure foot sideways, but I don’t believe they have lost ground here totally (“The first two albums earned the group Grammy Award Nominations for Best Rock Gospel Album while Until We Have Faces had a No. 2 debut on Billboard 200” – Wikipedia). It’s what I would term a foundational release, it has everything to build and establish a strong foundation for future releases,”

Read the entire album review for “Release The Panic” here.

Upcoming Shows:
Dec 13 Christmas Rock Night, Ennepetal, Germany
Jan 24 2015 Auckland, New Zealand
Apr 03 2015  Easterfest. Toowoomba, Australia

Video below: Perfect Life
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