Arkansas Metallers ‘Becoming Saints’ Signs with ‘Rottweiler Records’, ‘Lost’ Lyric Video Released


becoming_saints_64cRottweiler Records is very excited to welcome Little Rock, Arkansas metal band, Becoming Saints to the pack! A new single ‘Lost’ was released last Friday, grab a FREE download of ‘Lost‘ at Noisetrade & check out the official lyric video below.

When the word “saint” comes to mind, one often conjures a stock image of a man dressed in white robes, and who probably has a halo—however, this is a modern conception that differs greatly from the original meaning of the word. Literally meaning “set apart,” a saint is an individual who has overcome adversity and strife to emerge as a leader—a figure head, which is precisely the course of Becoming Saints’ name. Combining powerful, passionate lyrics with raw, ruthless metallic fury, this Arkansas quintet blend ethereal, melodic metal with pummeling, bare-knuckle hardcore to create a unique and intensely emotionally-driven—yet thoroughly devastating—style of metalcore that has been turning heads and snapping necks throughout the Midwest since the band’s inception.

Originally formed in 2005, Becoming Saints reached their current form in early 2013, reuniting after a lengthy hiatus to release their breakout EP, “Let This Not Be the End of Me.” An amalgamation of pure passion and punishing heaviness, “Let This Not Be the End of Me” saw Becoming Saints exploding into the underground heavy music community with determination, dedication and a die-hard desire to bring energetic and emotional music to their scene. Using quick, punchy drums and scathing guitars as a vector for lyrics that touch on prominent social issues, as well as faith, love and loss,

Becoming Saints took the Arkansas heavy music underground by storm with their debut, quickly gaining the notoriety to earn them spots as regional support for some of the genre’s biggest acts. Using their momentum from a successful EP and countless live performances in Arkansas and the Midwest, Becoming Saints has gained attention from Indiana-based record label Rottweiler Records, who will be releasing the band’s debut full-length record in 2016. Building even more upon “Let This Not Be the End of Me”’s solid foundation, Becoming Saints are working with producer Simon Pettiford at Darkened Dreams Studios (Smoke Signals, Descended from Wolves, In Trenches) to create an experience that expands upon the band’s previous work. Taking the tried and true blend of metal and hardcore Becoming Saints have become synonymous with and adding to it with years of growth, maturation and experience, the band refuse to stagnate, intent on growing even more. With a debut full-length record in the works and the rest of 2016 to support it, there’s no question that Becoming Saints have the energy—and the drive—to become your next favorite band.

The band is comprised of: Drew Garrison – Vocals, Allen Robson – Guitar, Kory Olson – Guitar/Vocals, Jeff Bowie – Bass, Dylan Rylee – Drums

Weblinks: Facebook / Noisetrade

Lyric video for: ‘Lost’

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