Classic Hardrock Band ‘Tempest’ Releases First Single In 25 Years, New EP “The Metal Queen 2016” Coming Soon


12321498_602261016615220_4977170328548653513_n30 years ago Tempest signed to the Christian label Pure Metal Records and history was made. Tempest is back with new and old music on Pure Metal Collective, who just dropped the new Tempest song called ‘Back to the Hill’ along with the final mix of the first radio single ‘Hello God.’ They are both available for streaming below.

Both songs written by Mick Rowe and recorded and produced by Mick and Steve Veninga, at the P.M.C. Studios in Hollywood, Ca. The songs were mixed and mastered by Frank Gaidliardi in Nashville. Tn. and features David Pearson (Blissed) on drums. More in the works as we’re currently re-recording the first two Tempest albums which will include various special guest musicians.

‘Hello God’ is the first single by Tempest in 25 years! Tempest is currently recording their brand new E.P. for Pure Metal Collective (and label to be announced) called “The Metal Queen 2016”. The E.P. will feature a cover of The Rez Band favorite ‘Military Man’ a re-recording of ‘Golgotha’ (from A Coming Storm), plus many special guest singers and musicians.

If all goes as planned, hard copies (limited edition) of the new disc will be available for order when Tempest plays at the So Cal Metal Fest on April 23rd in Irvine, Ca. with Bloodgood, Worldview (Sacred Warrior, Deliverance, Recon), Join the Dead, In The Midst 777 and Wicked’s End. Rex Scott from X-Sinner and Zion will be playing bass.

If you would like to stream the song you can do so below but if you would like to support the Tempest Mission to support the new recording and merchandise and purchase the brand new single, you can do so with paypal by going to and donate anything at all. Whatever you think the song is worth… Every little bit helps us!

Tempest has a lot planned for 2016 including two documentaries and re-recording both Tempest albums plus a few other goodies. Thanks for your support and prayers! Peace, The Tempest Team

So Cal Metal Fest_April 23

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