Your Chance To Die – Suscitatio Somnus


Your Chance To Die is a quintet hailing from Columbia, South Carolina (US). They formed in 2007 and independently released an EP, under the name ‘Verdict Of The Gods’, in 2009. And they now come up with their debut album ‘Suscitatio Somnus’, which is released through Red Chord Records. The CD was recorded with renowned producer Jamie King, which you may know for his work with Between The Buried And Me and The Human Abstract.

The band plays music that is a mix between melodic death metal, some technical death metal and core elements. According to their press release Your Chance To Die is “blending death metal with hauntingly beautiful melodies to develop music that is truly unique.” The unique is not be heard on ‘Suscitatio Somnus’: in bands such as Carnifex, Chelsea Grin, Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, and to a lesser extent Betraying The Martyrs, the band holds many similarities. The melodic elements are definitely there: the influences of the Gothenburg era are undeniable (e.g. ‘Libations Of Blood’, ‘Anuit Coeptis’, ‘Slaughter Of The Innocents’). Another characteristic is the strong vocals: they are well executed, varied and hold a huge amount of brutality. That such ferocity can come from a woman should no longer be a surprise. The songs are all well composed and balanced and the band is looking for alternation. At moments a tiny keyboard line is adding atmosphere (e.g. ‘Reqieum For The Dead’) and although not all the tempo changes in the tracks are equally logical or fluent (e.g. ‘Slaughter Of The Innocents’, 2:24), the quintet adds just enough diversity. Halfway the album the instrumental ‘Ningun Atardecer Es Igual’ gives you the possibility to gasp for oxygen, after which you are submerged into another overdose of musical brutality and violence.

Even though Your Chance To Die may not life up totally to the words in their press statement, ‘Suscitatio Somnus’ is a good album that those who like the above mentioned bands definitely should check out.

Rating: 78/100

Written by Patrick

Track list:
1. Prochusio: Judgement Is Nigh
2. Divine Pestilence
3. Libations Of Blood
4. Annuit Coeptis
5. Nigun Atardecer Es Igual
6. Slaughter Of The Innocents
7. Requiem For The Blessed Damned
8. Measure Of Iniquity
9. Verdict For The Gods

Coca Avila – guitars
Missa Avila – vocals
Chase – guitars
Jeff Edward – bass
Daniel Todd – drums

Record Label: Red Cord Records2011

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Your Chance To Die – Annuit Coeptis

Your Chance To Die – Requiem For The Blessed Damned (Official Video)

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