The Re-issue of “As Far As The Moon From The Sun” from Before There Was Rosalyn Out Now


Today is the big day! The re-issue of “As Far As The Moon From The Sun” from Before There Was Rosalyn is out now.

In anticipation of The “HYPOCRITES” EP, out through The Charon Collective on 7/24/24, we’re re-releasing a limited edition of their 2008 EP “As Far As The Moon From The Sun,” originally pressed and released by Holdfast Records out of Nashville Tennessee.

“This was a collection of songs written about finding our place in the world, & what it means to embrace your authentic self in a world so bent on chaos. This was a record written about grace, hope, redemption, & how it is still possible to become something so much more than the sum of its parts,” shares vocalist Carlos Salazar.

Limited to 1,000 copies originally, here’s your chance to purchase the long out-of-print “As Far As The Moon From The Sun” on CD if you never bought a copy of it in 2008. This is the first time it’s been available to buy in a digital format ever.


  1. A Rhetoric In Writing 03:39
  2. A Shadow Of The Things We Know 02:58
  3. 1837 05:01
  4. A Momentary Contemplation Of Distance, Silence, And All That It Entails
  5. The Day February Should Have Ended 03:40
  6. They Laughed At Jules Verne, Too 05:40

You can purchase or stream the classic EP right now at

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