‘Mychildren Mybride’ Releases Single and Music Video for ‘XeN0’


Mychildren Mybride have released a music video for ‘XeN0’. “The music video for XeN0 features me being attacked and drained of blood by a vampire,” says vocalist Matthew Hasting. “We couldn’t write a song about a horror film, and then not use the opportunity to feature buckets of fake blood in the video. This was extremely fun, and at most times hilarious (my girlfriend is the vampire), to film. Big shout out to Nelson Flores and his team for making our vision come to life.”

The new video and single is the third track we’ve heard from the band’s all new LP coming this fall. ‘Thorns’ and ‘Act 1: Elysium 77’ were released previously.

“Lyrically, XeN0 was written about one of my all time favorite horror films Let the Right One In,” guitarist Robert Bloomfield adds. “There’s something about the heaviness of the song, and then the dramatic shift in the songs verses, that mimic the viciousness and romanticism of vampires. This is one of our favorites off of Vicious World, and really feel like it encompasses so much of what we wanted to portray through the record.”

“To me XeN0 is the highlight track that sums up Vicious World as a whole. I wanted the tension to be well known and in your face, pushing and pulling throughout the entire song.”

Mychildren Mybride will release “Vicious World” on October 13th via Entertainment One Music / Good Fight Music, their first release in five years. “Vicious World” is the follow-up to their self-titled LP released in 2012.

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For “Vicious World,” Mychildren Mybride worked closely with producer Travis Richter, best known as longtime guitarist of From First To Last, the band that launched the career of Sonny Moore (aka Skrillex) and sold a half million albums over the years. The LP was also mixed by veteran producer Will Putney.
“Vicious World” is equally energetic, driving, dramatic, and cinematic. Each song takes listeners on a moving journey from start to finish, with special care and attention to structure and meaning. Songs like ‘God of Nothing’ and ‘The Endless’ from their previous self-titled album were but the tip of the artistic iceberg, setting Mychildren Mybride toward the darker and more ambitious path that culminated with album four.

The core duo of founding vocalist Matthew Hasting and longtime guitarist/songwriter Robert Bloomfield, who appear together on every Mychildren Mybride album, now usher in a brand new era of the band forged in ambitious artistry and deliberate focus. They’ve combined elements of extreme metal and the punk-and-pop-infused mash-ups present on the Warped Tour and Mayhem stages with their own signature flavor, a product of their disparate geographical locations, unique background, and point of view.

Since their formation over a decade ago in Madison, Alabama, Mychildren Mybride has worked with nearly ever A-list metal/metalcore/hardcore producer in the game.

“Vicious World” is an astounding work of art, more than worth the five-year wait.

1. XeN0
2. Act I: Elysium 77
4. Act II: Sonar
5. The Acrobat
6. Act III: Wither
7. The Fountain
9. Act IV: The Laughing Coffin
10. KevlAr
11. I.O.U.N.
12. Guardian XIII

The record is available for preorder digitally here and physical here.

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Video for ‘XeN0’

Video (audio) for ‘Act I: Elysium 77’

Video (audio) for ‘Thorns’

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