‘Saving Grace’ Begins Recording New Album


saving grace 2013New Zealand’s brutal metallic hardcore band Saving Grace has entered Parachute Studios in Auckland with producer Zack Ohren [All Shall Perish, Carnifex, The Ghost Inside, First Blood] to track its fourth album.

Having signed with U.S.-based Crimson Management [Vanna, Shadows Fall, Job For A Cowboy] immediately after their third North American tour and appearances at 2013’s Facedown Fest and 15th annual New England Metal & Hardcore Festival, the band returned to its homeland in May to begin work on brand new material for a follow up to 2011’s “The King Is Coming”.

Comments Saving Grace lead guitarist and co-founder Vasely Sapunov: “We are psyched for the opportunity to have Zack work on this new record with us and we are grateful to our label for flying him out to New Zealand from San Francisco. We are huge fans of his work and are excited to have him help take our sound to the next level.

“We realize that almost every single band says this with every new release (ourselves included), but this will easily be our sickest record yet.

“With each new album, we only ever have one goal and that is to create music which is harder, heavier, darker and more aurally disgusting than the previous and this is by far the darkest and most pissed-off record we have ever created.

“You will never hear anything like clean singing, trendy down-tuned guitars or a more commercially friendly approach from Saving Grace and that is a promise. We will continue to push the boundaries of how we define ‘heavy’ and that’s by crafting the most aggressive music that we are capable of and filling it with sincere, passionate and truthful lyrics.

“On this record, you can expect to hear the classic sound of Saving Grace, but taken to the absolute extreme with all of our early musical influences dissected to create the ultimate blend of metallic hardcore.

“We wear our combined influences proudly on our sleeve from classics like Slayer, Reprisal, Earth Crisis, Pantera and Arkangel to bands like Martyr AD  and Slipknot all the way through to death metal acts that we grew up listening to like Morbid AngelImmolation and Decaptivated.”

Saving Grace was recently listed in the first announcement of headliners for New Zealand’s massive annual Parachute Festival alongside the likes of MxPx and The Devil Wears Prada.

Further details, including the record’s title, cover art, global release date and tour dates, are scheduled to surface by early December.

Upcoming Shows:
Jan 25 Parachute Festival 2014, Hamilton, New Zealand
Jan 26 Parachute Festival 2014, Hamilton, New Zealand

Band members:
Nicholas Tautuhi – Vocals
Vasely Sapunov – Guitars
Ross McDougall – Guitars
George White – Bass
Shaun Anderson – Drums

Weblinks: Website /  Facebook / Twitter / Myspace

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