‘Blood Covenant’s’ Mainman ‘Segør Erskine’ To Release New Solo Album, Album Teaser Available For Streaming


Segor_Blood CovenantSegør Erskine vocalist & guitarist of Armenian unblack metal band Blood Covenant will release a new solo album entitled “Warmageddon”. This will be his second solo album and the follow-up to “The Man of God” [2009]. An album teaser of his upcoming album can be streamed in the youtube clip below. There is no release date known yet, we’ll keep you posted.

Artwork of “Warmageddon” can also be seen below, created by Mark Areskin also of Blood Covenant.

Blood Covenant was formed by Segør [Sergey Areskin] and Garegin [Garik Amian] in 2001. Initially the band was called “Iron Cross” and played “Thrash – Death Metal”. At that time the band consisted of three members. After several performances in festivals and clubs, the staff of the band underwent certain line up changes.

Then in 2003 Segør became the vocalist of the band and together with Garegin started the recordings of the first studio album in Symphonic Black Metal genre, “The Day of Lord” [2003]. Later, in December 2005 the recordings of the second studio album titled “The Blood of the New Covenant” started, which was released in 2007.

In December 2009 the band released the single titled “At the Cross”, combining the entire power of metal music and the whole gamut of the Armenian national instrument duduk, as a result of which Black metal performance of the Armenian Christian hymn “At the Cross” came out. Vahe Ayvazyan [duduk] took part in the song recordings as well. In the beginning of last year [2011], they have released a CD “Sign Of Time” and a DVD “The Blood of the New Covenant”. Their latest album “Sign Of Time” was released in 2011 via Darknagar Records. To read our album review click here.

Last year we did an interview with Segør / Blood Covenant. In case you have missed this, you can find it here. Here you can also watch their first music video ‘The Blood of the New Covenant’, which is the first christian sympho unblack metal video from Armenia. This clip is presented on DVD, released in 2011 by Darknagar Records. 


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Video below ‘Warmageddon’ Album Teaser

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