‘Christageddon’ To Release Double Lenght Album ‘Metal Unblack’, Available For Pre-Order Now


Christageddon_bandChristageddon from New Oxford, PA reported the following,

“As of our plans for our cd release. Everything is going on schedule, we are putting a release date on anywhere between June 16th through 20th. all CD preorders, autographed CD orders and Mp3 Digital downloads will be mailed out day of release. Cd preorders are going quick out of the limited 100 copies available, and less than 10 autographed copies are left. only 5 dollars in donations to the band has been made,  so that will mean once 100 copies are sold, this double length release metal unblack might become sold out. so if anyone wants to contribute to keep this project alive and donate to the ministry of Christageddon and InChrist Records, we will promise with the money donated that this project will continue to rage war against our enemy satan. and reaching out to the souls of the lost. If you wish to donate or pre order our album. go to this link. anything is well appreciated.

Christageddon is hosting a one time offer of autographed cds. Limited to 20 copies. This will never happen again, only because Christageddon never met in person and comes from two sides of the United States. This will take extra shipping to have signed but will also help further our ministry in Christ Jesus. If you are a collector or a die hard fan. This will be an offer for you to check out. Thank You … God Bless”.

About: Christageddon was formed on October 10/2010 by Kristian McKinney. Artist and All Instruments of The Synics Awakening. In the beginning Christageddon started out as a Christian Thrash Metal band. but later changing to Unblack Metal in 2011. Regrouping together with Vocalist Richard Vomiting Vocals. The music is based heavily on the word of God. Spreading the message of truth an salvation of Jesus Christ into the masses. The name [Christageddon] describes the sound of the music. Basically symbolizing it as a armaggedon of music under Christ.

Track listings.
1. At the dawn of war
2. Defending the throne of Y.H.W.H
3. The Lamb of God shall rise
4. Baptized in sacred blood
5. Psalm of eternal hope
6. Carry my cross
7. Full armor of God
8. Christageddon – Metal Unblack
9. Satanic forces burned to ashes
10. At the throne of judgment

An Unblack Metal Tribute To Horde
Bonus Material 2011
11. A church bell tolls admist the frozen nordic winds
12. Mine heart south beseech thee o Master
13. An abandoned grave bathes softly in the falling moonlight
14. Thine hour hast come
15. Behold, the rising of the scarlet moon
16. Weak, feeble and dying antichrist
17. Invert the inverted crossClick this link to preorder a autographed copy of Metal Unblack

[Click Image Below To PreOrder]


Band members:
Kristian McKinney – All Instruments and Lyrics
Richard Vomiting – Vocals and Lyrics

Weblinks: Website / Reverbnation / Facebook

Video below “Metal Unblack” Album Trailer

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