‘Modest Attraction’ To Play ‘Elements Of Rock’ March 2014, Switzerland


modest attractionSwedish seventies Oriented hardrock band Modest Attraction has been added to the line-up for Elements Of Rock 2014. Modest Attraction is the band with Christian Liljegren [Narnia, Golden Ressurection]. The annual festival takes place next month [March 14-16] in Uster, Switzerland.

Other booked band’s are: Gloryhammer [UK], Pantokrator [SWE], My Darkest Hate [DE], Signum Regis [SK], Slechtvalk [NL],Marhold [CH], A Sickness Unto Death [DE], Oskord [UKR], Ascendant [DK], Frank Needs Help [CH], 2 more band’s – including 1 headliner – to be announced.  For more information visit the EOR website.

About Modest Attraction: In 1989 brothers Christian and Simeon Liljegren formed a band called Borderline, together with three other members. Two years later this band split up due to different musical opinions. Christian and Simeon wanted to go back to a more seventies oriented hard rock style. Thus they formed Modest Attraction in 1991. Not long after they were joined by Stefan Selvander [guitars, also ex-Borderline] and Mick Nordström [drums, Bengalen, Leviticus (1990 touring member)]. Stefan left the band the following year, to continue with his studies. So in February 1992 Stefan Mohlin joined the band on guitar. Soon Modest Attraction began to write songs and record demos. They got signed to Viva Records, and in March of 1994 they released their first album, called “The Truth In Your Face”. The album received very good reviews all around the world. The band went back into the studio late 1994, and recorded a Christmas E.P, named “Modest Christmas”. The E.P included four songs; ‘Modest Christmas’ [a newly written song for the season], ‘Christmas Time’ [a cover of the classic Larry Norman song], and live versions of ‘Feed Your Fire’ and ‘Give You My Song’ [a brand new track]. The band played several live shows that year, and received attention for their seventies inspired stage show. In 1995 Modest Attraction began to write songs and record demos for their next CD, and in March 1996 “Divine Luxury” was finished. This time Modest chosed to make an independent release without any record company backing them up. After recording “Divine Luxury” Stefan decided to left the band and got replaced by the talented guitarist Carl Johan Grimmark former guitar player of Sentinel. In May 1996 Modest went down to Germany for a spring tour, in Germany Modest also did a festival apperance together with Deliverance and their Swedish friends Charizma. Christian and Carl Johan went on to form Narnia and released their debut CD on Pony Canyon which is the biggest record comapny in Asia, the same label as Yngwie Malmsteen and Joe Lynn Turner [ex Deep Purple, Rainbow].

Modest Attraction was also featured on the “Metal For Jesus” album, a various artists compilation. The album was released in August 2013 via Doolittle Group. Our review can be found here.

Video below Modest Attraction – ‘Down on my Knees’

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