‘Signum Regis’ To Play ‘Elements of Rock’ 2014


signum_regis_band_2013The first bands for Elements Of Rock 2014 are confirmed. Signum Regis [Power Metal, SK] (picture), Ascendant [Death / Black, DK], My Darkest Hate [Death Metal, DE] and Marhold [Progressive Melodic Metal, CH], 7 more bands  other will follow in the coming weeks. Elements Of Rock will be held March 14 – 16 2014, Stadthofsaal, Uster, Switserland.

With their two previous albums ”Signum Regis” [2008] and “The Eyes Of Power” [2010] Slovakian melodic metal band Signum Regis established themselves as highly respected band in the scene, especially with the diverse concept album “The Eyes Of Power” that received great reviews from around the world. The singer on these two albums were no other than Göran Edman, known for his work with Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum and many more. Their third album “Exodus” is released on November 15th. in Europe and in North America on December 3rd. through Swedish record label Ulterium Records. “Exodus” is an epic concept album that features different vocalists on each track.

Recently we did an interview with  Filip, Ronnie and Jaro of Signum Regis. You can find it here.

Elements of Rock, abbreviated EoR, is a metal festival, held annually since 2004 in Uster, Zurich in Switzerland. On two concert evenings there is a diverse international lineup of metal bands with a positive reference to the Christian faith. In addition to the concert evenings there is a separate, voluntary & free daily program of worship & seminars etc. The Festival has each day between 400-550 paying visitors. Support of Elements of Rock is an eponymous association based in Uster ZH. A five-member, voluntarily dedicated organizing committee took over the reins of the festival. Countless other volunteers make the festival possible.


 For more information visit the EOR website.

Video below Signum Regis – ‘The Ten Plagues’ (Live with Matt Smith)

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