XL & Death Before Dishonor & 20 LB Sledge Announce New Releases on Roxx Records


Here at Roxx Records we love bringing back to life those classic, hard to find out of print rock and metal titles. This year we have already brought you quite a few with Love Life, Holy Soldier, Philadelphia and Red Sea to name a few! BUT we also love to help those new indie Christian rock and metal artists bring their music out to the forefront of the Christian music scene and we have done quite a bit of that this year as well. We have already brought you brand new music from Lovewar, Fear Not, BioGenesis, Rainforce, Ritual Servant, True Strength, N.O.G and just released Weapons of God!

But we are not done with the brand new music yet and we are excited to announce TWO more brand new releases coming your way this August from Roxx Records. These two releases have one thing in common! They both feature the vocal talents from a Christian rocker we all know and love. You may know him better as XL of the classic Christian rock band XL & Death Before Dishonor ! That’s right two brand new releases coming your way!

Up first the brand new release from the California based band 20 Lb Sledge. The brainchild of AlfonZo Rachel this is the second release form 20 Lb Sledge after the critically acclaimed debut album “Divine Battery” brought this amazing band to the forefront of the Christian rock and metal scene. Well for this second release entitled ‘Electric Exodus’ the band brought Todd Stevens (aka XL) in to the fold to handle the lead vocals on this one. What we have here is one hard hitting, heavy and groovy record to unleash.

But that’s not all we are also bringing you a Limited Edition 2 disc CD pressing of the brand new XL&DBD albums entitled ‘Offensive Truth Volumes 1&2’ with 4 brand new previously unreleased tracks being added to this special pressing. This release is also packed with tons of special guests including Oz Fox (Stryper) Jimmy P Brown II (Deliverance) Michael Phillips (Deliverance) Jim Chaffin (Deliverance, The Crucified) Rex Carrol (Whitecross) Jesse Sprinkle (Demon Hunter) and Greg Minier (The Crucified) just to name a few.

Check out the two brand new lyric videos from each of these projects starting with the brand new single from 20 Lb Sledge entitled ‘Electric Exodus’ and also the brand new track from XL & Death Before dishonor entitled ‘In Need of Therapy’

Lyric video for ‘Electric Exodus’

Lyric video for ‘In Need Of Therapy’

We love bringing you these new indie releases but appreciate and need your support to keep them happening! So keep rocking and keep supporting your underground Christian rock and metal labels like Roxx Records.

Pre orders are live right now and we are offering them at an unbelievable and very special price for this one, this pricing will only be available until the release date of August 30th

… for full details and special pre order incentive items.

20 Lb Sledge Pre Order

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