Millennial Reign – “Carry the Fire Again” (ep)


Millenial Reign are back with an ep to introduce yet another significant change to the band’s overall sound due to personnel changes. Interestingly, the band is introducing their new and female vocalist through this ep of songs from their Carry the Fire album.

Well, this is a first for me and presents an unusual challenge. I originally reviewed Carry the Fire back in 2015 and commented how it was an impressive album from a sonic standpoint and especially considering this is essentially the first album for a band that underwent a nearly complete lineup change. Little did I know that something like this would happen and end up so complicated. I also reviewed the band’s last release in 2018, The Great Divide, noting at that point, the band was essentially a completely new band (again). Now for the Carry the Fire Again ep, the band has gone back to remix/remaster four songs off Carry the Fire (2015) and insert new vocalist Tiffany Galchutt’s vocals. So, yet another major lineup change, but the introductory ep has an old band lineup for the music but the new vocalist. Confused yet? For those keeping track the band is working on new material for 2021 and has the same lineup with the exception of vocals, which is a good thing as the musicians Dave Harvey assembles are more than capable to deliver some great power metal.

So, based on comments on the music from the original album, I noted things like strong musicianship and a sound not unlike Queensryche at times but as it turns out that is largely dependent on the vocals as Tiffany Galchutt takes the overall sound in a different direction. With the current lineup, the band did support Accept, Stryper and Y&T, showing their confidence in the lineup and ability to translate the songs with the new vocalist.

For a fun experiment, I created a playlist of the original tracks alongside the versions on the ep and it is quite a different feel in general. The overall sound is a bit brighter and clean on Carry the Fire Again, but in general it is Tiffany Galchutt’s vocals that change the feel so dramatically. Her voice is smooth and strong and works well within the songs. Gone is the Queensryche feel, being replaced by something more akin to bands like Epica and Delain.

For fans of Millenial Reign, you should check this out as it is a fresh take on some of the older songs, and for those new to the band, if you’re looking for female-fronted power metal, this is an ep to check out and will have you keeping an eye out for the promised new material.

Rating: 8/10

Written by John Jackson


  1. Innocent Cry
  2. Men Stand Alone
  3. Millenial Reign
  4. Way Up High

Band Members
Tiffany Galchutt – Vocals
Dave Harvey – Guitars
Steve Nichols – Drums
Neil Bertrand – Bass

Release Date: 15th January 2021

Record Label: Ulterium Records

“Carry The Fire” 2015 (review)
“The Great Divide” 2018 (review)

Social Media: Bandcamp / Website / Facebook / Twitter

Video (audio) for ‘Way Up High’

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