The Belgian Heavy / Power Metal Band Thorium Releases First official Video ‘Where Do We Go’ from their Sophomore Album “Empires In The Sun”


The Belgian heavy / power metal band Thorium releases their first official video single ‘Where Do We Go’, off their long-awaited second album “Empires in the Sun”.

The music video was directed and filmed by Sebastiaan Spijker, from a concept and story by Tom Tee. Both the song and the video muse on the question posed in the track’s title, and explore the notion of whether one can ever be truly certain of where to head to, whatever one’s stage or station in life.

Tom Tee: “The song ruminates on that arguably greatest of all life questions: which path to choose. Can you ever truly be certain that a given road, often picked among so many others, was the right one to travel by? Choices that not seldom seemed so right at the onset may just come back to haunt you, years or even decades after.

For all the drama this subject might seem to entail, though, the song is decidedly (and wilfully) upbeat, both lyrically and musically. Never wanting to succumb to overly gloomy sentiments, the overarching message, if one has to be settled upon, is that through all things, all we can (and indeed should!) do is persist, persevere, and – to coin the old English idiom – ‘get on with it!’

For the video, I wanted to present three characters, from the three main stages of life; childhood, adulthood, and old age – and leave it entirely up to the viewer, of course, to decide whether they’re the same person or rather three separate entities. Throughout the clip, I wanted to have them work off a number of elements that would be symbolic (if in a kind of tongue-in-cheek manner) of things life throws at you – contrary signposts that don’t seem to point you anywhere useful; a compass that simply keeps on spinning; and a little later in life, the watch that keeps on ticking, ever faster.”

Video for ‘Where Do We Go’

Thorium’s sophomore album “Empires in the Sun” will be released March 5th 2021 via Freya Records. The record is now available for pre-order via this link.

The album will be available on black vinyl, gold vinyl, yellow/blue swirl vinyl (limited availability), on CD, and on all online streaming platforms. All pre-orders (before March 5th 2021) will receive several exclusive items from the band.

1. Dreams of Empire
2. Exquisite
3. Powder and Arms II
4. Where Do We Go
5. More Than Meets The Eye
6. Empires in the Sun
7. The Old Generation
8. Winterfall
9. Itchin’ and Achin’
10. 1302: The Minstrel [part I]
11. 1302: The Golden Shadow
12. 1302: The Minstrel [part II]

Band members:
Tom Tee: electric, acoustic & classical guitars
Kurk “Stripe” Lawless: bass
David Marcelis: vocals
Dario Frodo: guitars
Louis Van der Linden: drums & percussion

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