Punk Rock Band Dispraised Releases New Single ‘Faith Vultures’, Kickstarter Campaign Launched to Fund the Release of “Same God, Modern World” on Limited Edition 7” Vinyl


The punk rockers from Dispraised have released a new digital single ‘Faith Vultures’, the song can be streamed below.

Recently, Dispraised launched a kickstarter campaign to fund a release of “Same God, Modern World” on limited edition 7” vinyl!

2020’s “Same God, Modern World” album was only released in digital format due to financial restraints. We have since had a number of requests for the album to be released on vinyl so decided to set up a Kickstarter to produce a very limited run of 50 copies on 140 gram clear vinyl for those that would like one.

We wont be repeating this so these will be the only copies ever pressed. All monies raised will go to the production of the 7” ep’s

These 7” records will feature a rare bonus track. This song was the first song we ever recorded together and is the perfect sort of song to put on a limited edition project like this.

Video (audio) for ‘Faith Vultures’

Dispraised, with members from South Africa and the United States, Dispraised brings a unique brand of aggressive Punk Rock that’s both loading with conviction and personal faith.

A Christian JHJC punk band that doesn’t hesitate to speak the name of Jesus or to touch on sensitive political and social topics.

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