Hardcore Band ‘Seven Spirits Burning’ Releases New Single ‘End of Religion’


‘End of Religion’ the new single from Dutch based Hardcore band Seven Spirits Burning can be streamed below:

The band comments: “Musically we wanted it to be a long epic composition, with a lot of complex and dynamic parts. A rollercoaster ride from start to finish. Still metalcore… but with a flavour of prog. Lyrically we wanted it to be straightforward, yet controversial. No compromises!”

End of Religion’ is available on main streaming services, like Spotify, iTunes etcetera. Give it a spin!

Seven Spirits Burning are very excited about supporting for Trigger the Madness on February 22th in So What in Gouda! Come and enjoy two great metalcore performances!


Lyrics: End of Religion

Kill the best of me!

All gods share the same conditions concerning love
Human effort as the only way to make us righteous
Blood, sweat, tears… work until it’s never enough
Driven by fear of wrath

Can you feel the whip
Whipping flesh off your back
This is not your god
Satan is his name

We have been misguided by
Formulas and regulations demanding
Holiness that we will always falter
Blessing and curse based on performance
Your faith is based on a lie

We are descendants of the second Adam
His incarnation, to the core a new creation
We are made holy in spite of ourselves
Anything we add is fruitless

He died for our sins
Finished the law
All you can do is receive

Jesus is the end of religion
My works are left for dead
Scandalous love

You’ll never leave my side

There is no way left for you to prove yourself to God

No more law
He erased it to prevent our fall
No more sin
Jesus suffered, cleansing us within
No more death
Jesus died to give eternal life

Jesus is the end of religion
My works are left for dead


Seven Spirits Burning is an anti-religious christian band, combining melodic elements with metalcore to express a bold message of grace.

Band Members
Levi Remijnse – vocals
Jonathan Remijnse – guitars
Bernhard Van Der Poel – guitars
Joël De Jong – drums
Sjoerd Peters – bass

Upcoming Shows
Feb. 22 – So What, Gouda, Netherlands (FB event)

Weblinks: Facebook / iTunes Spotify

Video (audio) for ‘End of Religion’


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