Fund-Raising Campaign Launched for ‘Steve Rowes’ Biography “Metal Missonary”


row2014Freelance writer and video blogger Vic Campbell has documented the life of Mortification vocalist/bass player Steve Rowe in a 65,000 word biography.  Illustrated with archival pics, Rowe’s book is slated for release early in 2015.  Hard copies, ebooks and an iBook will be produced.

Campbell is running a fundraising campaign with Rowe and his New Jersey-based promoter to help get ‘Metal Missionary’ published.  Perks offered on the indiegogo site include a Skype session with Rowe, CDs and tees. Link can be found below.

Steve Rowe says: ‘The Biography about my VERY EXTREME life. This book will help hundreds & hopefully thousands of people around the world who suffer & help give them the encouragement and the Vision to dream big dreams for God’s Glory! It also contains my 30 years history in Jesus Metal Mission & goes RIGHT BACK to my early years in the 60’s! Neither Vic or I are making any money out of the book. Just simply needing to raise the funds to release it, with any proceeds going BACK INTO the Mission & Vision of Rowe Productions & VCMedia.’

Watch the video below where Steve talks about his biography.

Recent Mortification gigs at Richmond’s Central Club and The Old Bar in North Melbourne show that there is still some interest amongst punters who enjoy ol’ school metal.

Mortification latest album “Scribe of the Pentateuch” has been released in April 2012 via Steve‘s own label Rowe Productions. To read our review click here

As prevously reported, The new Mort Album will be called “Realm Of The Skelator”. The body of the album will be recorded in September and October with producer/ engineer extra ordinaire- Mark McCormack.

The new Wonrowe Vision album will be called “2 Headed Monster” The body of the album will be recorded later this year with Neil Kearin as engineer and production will be handled by Steve self along with Neil!’

For more info on Steve‘s book, check out
Video below ‘Steve Rowe’ Talks About “Metal Missonary”

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