Heathens Rage and Veil of Deception Drop Today


Today Friday May 31, 2019 the brand new limited edition book and CD from Heathen’s Rage are released around the world. As is the brand new third release from Austria’s very own Veil of Deception !

Limited Edition Book: Heathen’s Rage – Rage Days an Illustrated History the 40 page full color book filled with new stories from the members and tons of previously unreleased photos and memorabilia!

Limited Edition CD: Heathen’s Rage ‘Live At Switlik’ previously unreleased live show from the very early days of Heathen’s Rage a classic soundboard recording that has been remastered and released here for the very first time!

Veil of Deception CD: Austria’s very own Veil of Deception release their third album entitled “Dissident Voices” a new wave of heavy metal with that classic metal appeal.

All three new releases are now available everywhere you buy physical music: Amazon, eBay, Discogs, No Life Til Metal Records store, Underground Power (Germany) and No Remorse Records (Greece) will carry all of these new releases and they are now shipping!

Support Metal! Support No Life Til Metal! Get your Copy Now!

Visit them at: nolifetilmetalrecords.com

Our review of Veil of Deception‘s new album “Dissident Voices” can be found here.


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