New ‘Mortification’ & ‘WonRowe Vision’ Album Title Revealed


Mortification 2012Steve Rowe announces the album titles for the new albums of Mortification & Wonrowe Vision album. Also more news on his biography/life story. Read more below.

‘The new Mortification full length album is now complete in Pre Production! I [Steve] can now reveal that the new Mortification Album will be called- “Realm Of The Skelator”. It is a brutal mix of Death Metal, Grind, Thrash and Traditional Heavy Metal styles. As usual it sounds like nothing we have ever done before!!! HOWEVER, it has strong leanings towards “Break The Curse 1990”, The Mortification Self Titled Album, “Scrolls Of The Megilloth” and “EnVision EvAngelene”! The body of the Album will be Recorded in September and October with Producer/ Engineer extra ordinaire- Mark McCormack’

The new Wonrowe Vision full lenght album will be complete in Pre Production by the end of this month! ‘I [Steve]can also reveal that the new Wonrowe Vision Album will be called- “2 Headed Monster”. After learning SO MUCH about writing Classic Rock these past 5 years with the first two Wonrowe Vision Albums, I think that we now have ‘THE SOUND’ NAILED! On “Mission Invincible” I was aiming to sing like Lemmy from Motorhead. On the 2nd Album I simply tried to ‘sing’. Being that Wonrowe Vision  has strong Punk & Rock N Roll influences, on “2 Headed Monster” I will be taking a more aggressive Punk Rock Vocal approach!! You can hear this type of singing in ‘Short Circuit’ on “Erasing The Goblin” & ‘Resurrection Band- A Tribute To Rez’ on “The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine” Mortification Albums. I think that this style of Vocal is a strength of mine! It  makes the Rock WAY MORE AGGRESSIVE & keeps me in a place Vocally where I am most comfortable and competent! The body of the Album will be Recorded latter this year with Neil Kearin as Engineer and Production will be handled by myself along with Neil!’

Steve‘s biography/life’s story is almost print ready. He is looking at the ‘possibility’ of self publishing??!

Steve comments: ‘The book reads really well & I pull no punches along the way. This is ME & MY LIFE – WARTS & ALL! HaHa. Besides the 64,000 words, the book will contain between 100 and 200 photos & Media Clippings. I can now reveal that the book will be called “Metal Missionary- The Steve Rowe Story”. My life’s story has been written by my Australian Manager Vic Campbell. Vic is also the author of Rosanna Palmer‘s Biography- “Rock ‘N’ Roll Believer”. Rossana is, of course, the legendary Vocalist & Guitarist for Aussie Christian Rockers Rosanna’s Raiders! Rosanna‘s Biography is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase from my STORE.’

“Metal Missionary- The Steve Rowe Story” will be released late 2015.

Mortification latest album “Scribe of the Pentateuch” has been released in April 2012 via Steve‘s own label Rowe Productions. To read our review click here

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