‘ForChristSake’ “New Music Already Written, Waiting to be Recorded Its Heavier Slower In Some Spots”


Mark (FCS)Oran of Irelands Overdrive webzine recently conducted an interview with Mark John Payne bassplayer of extreme metal band ForChristSake.

Overdrive asked: ‘Have you any plans for another release of material any time soon? Can you indicate a timeline if there is?’ Mark said -‘Yes we do and we are excited about the new music that is already written and waiting to be recorded its heavier slower in some spots, but definitely and growth from “Apocalyptic Visions of Divine Terror” or “AVODT” for short. We are going to try and play one or two of these songs live I can share one of the titles and that would be ‘Spineless,’ its heavy and will hit you like a brick in the mouth all you would expect from us. Some great guitar playing from Simon and technical drumming from Ignatios looking forward to what the rest of you guys think.’

Read the entire interview here.

In other news, ForChristSake has been added to the line-up for Rock Alive a new festival in the Netherlands (previously announced as we are the crowd / Rock Valley). This will be their first performance on Dutch ground. The festival will be held on Sept. 26th. at the Basiliek, Veenendaal, the Netherlands.

Other performing bands are: Jerusalem (SE), HB (FIN), Sacrety (DE), Veritas Infinita (NL), David Benson (US),  Moonradio (NL). Frühstück, (PL/NL), Supresion (ARG), Spyker (NL) & Alive Again (NL).

ForChristSake have played at prestigious Christian festivals in the UK such as Green Belt and Meltdown. In march 2013 FCS played at the world famous Elements of Rock in Switzerland.

ForChristSake debut full-lenght album “Apocalyptic Visions of Divine Terror”! has been released after a few delays and some techical difficulties on Januari 21th. 2014 via American label Roxx Productions.

Our review for “Apocalyptic Visions of Divine Terror”! can be found here.

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