‘We Are the Crowd’ a New Christian Music festival, September 25th.


we are the crowd‘We Are the Crowd’ a Christian music festival with a ‘raw edge’ for young and old. The first edition of this rocking festival will be organised in the WRZV-hallen Zwolle, the Netherlands on the 25th of September and the headliner of this festival is one that will astound you for sure. “An old form with a new look” says Abhay van den Berg, one of the organizers. With “We Are the Crowd” the organizers hope to create an event on which both the old rocker as well as younger visitors will get revved up. For this, all stops have been pulled out and we are proud to announce that our headliner will be non-other than the Swedish rockband ‘Jerusalem’!

‘We Are the Crowd’: Power to the Crowd!

A new music festival that aims to offer a show to Christian rockers and youth on which they can feel safe. “Discontinued festivals like Winter Wonder Rock and Flevo Festival, as we know it, have been leading in the area of music with a raw edge, within the Christian pop culture, for years. ‘We Are the Crowd’ wants to offer this pop culture a new base within the festival.” With this, the organizers want to emphasize that the festival is open for both young and old, for anyone that feels at home with the alternative music genres, and hopes to reach a wider audience. The visitor is allowed to expect a varied evening on which artists like; Alive again (NL); Frühstück (PL); Sacrety (DE); HB (FIN) and Jerusalem (SE) will fill the evening. The last one hasn’t performed in the Netherlands for over 15 years!

The management wants to organize this event without intervention of a bank or loan. That’s why the tickets are sold with the aid of the so called ‘crowdfunding’ concept. The purchase of a ticket is a direct compensation for the festival and an investment for a possible second edition. The management wants to be transparent in this and will publish the minimum amount required in advance. In this way the initiators want to live up to their name: An evening on which everyone is a part of the crowd!

A ‘crowdfunding’ ticket for the festival is purchasable for 30 Euros, from the 1st of February onward and will also give access to ‘We are Market’. A place where different Christian organisations will present themselves to the visitor to create a place of encounter.

More information and tickets are found on: www.wearethecrowd.nl

WATC 2015


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