‘Veritas Infinita’ Announce Benefit Concert For Uganda


Friday the 8th of June Christian Symphonic Gothicmetal band Veritas Infinita will give a beneficial concert in the Baptistchurch De Bethel in Drachten [The Netherlands].  If you buy a ticket for this concert you support a project in Uganda by the My Heart Foundation. This organisation provides homes for orphan children who cannot live with family. The money raised by this concert is for the rent of a new “familyhome” and furniture for this new home. 

What can you expect from Veritas Infinita? No heavy guitarstuff this time. An acoustic show with celtic folkrock music. Pounding drums or cajon and bass guitar provide a firm basic rythmsection for typical celtic instruments like uilleann pipes or union pipes and Irish whistles And also the acoustic guitar and the female vocals of Veritas Infinita’s singer are carried on their rythm. The dancegroup Ingressus makes the Veritas Infinita shows even more interesting to see because of their special acts and dances that give more meaning to the words spread by Veritas Infinita.

Tickets for this concert are 7,50 euro [8,50 incl. shipping costs] and can be ordered by mail. We’ll reply your mail as soon as possible. info@veritas-infinita.nl

Attention! There will be NO tickets at the entrance of the show. So if you want a ticket? Tell us in person or order by mail.

In Februari we did a new interview with Thomas, bass player of Veritas Infinita, you can read it HERE.

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