The New ‘Grrr Records’ Website Is Up


Just wanted to let you know that the new and improved Grrr Records web site is up and running. We hope you like the new look and the new layout. Check out some of the new features like the individual band pages, with bios and discographies, and the separate CD, MP3 and T-shirt stores. To get a visual tour of the new website, you can watch the video about how to navigate around the site and familiarize yourself with the new store. The video can be seen below.

Earlier this month, Glenn Kaiser toured through Europe. Below is a video with live footage from the show in Gouda, Netherlands [March 13th].  After the concert Glenn gave an interview to Levi, his first appearance as a reporter for News Poppets.

About Grrr Records:

The Grrr Records is a collective of Christian artists and musicians who work together to make quality music that encourages and challenges people to a deeper life with God. Grrr Records started as a record label formed in the late ’80s by members of Resurrection Band (AKA Rez Band) and their producer Tom Cameron. They were all a part of Jesus People USA, an intentional Christian community that is based in Chicago, IL who feel called by God to serve the poor through the homeless shelters and other community ministries of Cornerstone Community Outreach, evangelize through music and culture at Cornerstone Festival as well as through Grrr, and disciple young Christians with a discipleship training school called Project 12. Their vision to build a record label that encouraged and supported musicians who focused on ministry blossomed in the ’90s providing a vehicle for several young artists (Crashdog, Cauzin’ Effect, Grace and Glory, and Sheesh) from Jesus People USA and Glenn Kaiser‘s (frontman for Resurrection Band) blues and solo career.

Over the years, many artists (like Seeds, Ballydowse, and The Remnants) have come and gone from Grrr Records and some artists (Josh Garrels, Trace Bundy, and Tommy Ogle) have partnered with us on a consignment basis. Most recently, the Grrr Records has helped to produced albums for Glenn Clark and the Family, Maron, Leper, Photoside Cafe, and The Crossing. The Grrr Records is continuing it’s mission to support musicians who are trying to encourage and challenge people with God’s truth, redemption, hope and love. For more information on our artists email us or call us. Thank you.

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