‘Kevin Max’ ‘Fiefdom of Angels:Side One’ ‘EP’ Available For Free Download


It is not metal related. But I think there are people among us who find this interesting, and shall appreciate this.

Former DC Talk member Kevin Max has just released his 5 song EP, Fiefdom of Angels:Side One, which is available for free and legal download, on Noisetrade for a limited time

Fiefdom of Angels: Side One is a five song EP comprised of four cool covers and one reimagined original. Using a spacious orchestral vibe and a haunting choir of layered vocals, each song breathes with atmosphere, melody and texture. With long intros, lush instrumental passages and airy moments of stasis, it’s no surprise that the listening experience, just like the overall story itself, is truly enhanced by a certain attentiveness. [Teaser, tracklist and download link below].These songs do not want to get somewhere, as much as they want to create somewhere. While the new wave-esque cover selections were intentionally picked to relate to the story, they certainly could’ve been chosen on great song merit alone. Real Life’s “Send Me An Angel,” Joy Division’s “Shadowplay,” Queen’s “Dragon Attack” and Muse’s “Take A Bow” all get the same cinematic, chamber music treatment with inspiring results. “End of the Beginning” is the sole original composition on the EP and has been floating around in demo form since Max’s Stereotype Be days.

The graphic novel teaser included with the download is a stunning 28 page collection of arresting story frames, helpful angelic race cliff notes, detailed maps, elaborate character bios and a condensed prologue to get you up to speed. More than just a story, Max has unfolded an entire mythology that is dense with individuals, collectives, places, practices, cultures and clashes that will tug at your head, your heart, your beliefs and your imagination. No matter your religious leanings [or lack thereof], Fiefdom of Angels will certainly get you thinking, feeling, discussing and dreaming in ways that you may not have before. Max refers to Fiefdom of Angles as “my Magna Carta and my Opus, my Fifth Symphony and my White Album, all rolled into one” and with the magnitude of what he’s conveying, I think that’s dead on. I encourage you to simultaneously listen to the EP and read through the graphic novel, letting both the audible and visual elements weave together and reach you at the same time. With more stories and songs to come in the Fiefdom of Angels collection, wouldn’t it be better to immerse yourself from the beginning instead of trying to cram it all in later? Zero Issue awaits…

When writer Will Hodge isn’t back on Suffragette City, you can find him running off at the keyboard about music, concerts and vinyl at My So-Called Soundtrack.

Look for Fiefdom of Angels:Side Two to hit markets sometime before June 2012.

Send Me An Angel
End Of The Beginning
Dragon Attack
Take A Bow


Produced by Kevin Max & Peter Fox
Mixed by Peter Fox & Satoshi
Mastered by John Mark Painter

Additional programming and production – J.J.Plasencio, Matthew Gruppen &
Jason Halbert
String arrangement – Matthew Gruppen & J.J. Plasencio

All Vocals by Kevin Max
Recorded at – Stone House Recording in Grand Rapids Michigan & Hot Tamale Studio in Austin Texas

Weblinks: Website / Facebook / Twitter


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