Finnish Cinematic Metal Band ‘Dark Sarah’ Releases ‘Little Men’ Music Video, New Album “The Puzzle” Out Late 2016


Dark Sarah_2015Finnish cinematic metal band Dark Sarah is working on a new album called “The Puzzle.” It will continue Dark Sarah‘s story forward from the point where the debut album, “Behind The Black Veil,” left it. The band recently launched a crowdfunding page to support the completion of the album. ‘Little Men’ the new music video can be watched below.

Dark Sarah is the new project from Heidi Parviainen [ex. Amberian Dawn]. Dark Sarah‘s music combines metal, film music and theatrical elements.

The Puzzle begins… “The Evil Tree had broken into pieces and Dark Sarah´s soul with it. She did not die, but was left in a loop between two worlds, between life and death. She was sent down to the River of Death to drift along the streams and she ended up on an island in the middle of a mighty ocean. She woke up on the shores of that misty island. It was a magical rocky island, the rocks were black and they sparkled like covered by millions of diamonds in the endless night.  Sharp cliffs and huge statues painted the dark sky, the ocean was wild on its shores.

Dark Sarah felt the air in her lungs –  she was alive after all. She felt the strength coming back to her limbs, she got up and started to explore the island. She found a cave and went in. There she saw a light twinkling in the back of the cave and move towards it slowly. She looked through the small hole and saw something… and was mesmerized.”


The Puzzle (2016)


Dark Sarah‘s debut album “Behind The Black Veil” has been released on May 8th 2015 in Europe and on May 12th in North America through Inner Wound Recordings.

Our review of “Behind The Black Veil” can be found here.

Weblinks: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Indiegogo

Video below: ‘Little Men’

Video below: “The Puzzle” (trailer)

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