‘Faithless Minutes Devoured’ (Armath Sargon) “A Eulogy for Humanity” Album Available Now


F.M.D.Faithless Minutes Devoured (abbreviated F.M.D.) is a project of Armath Sargon & David J Coats. Their album “A Eulogy for Humanity” is released late last month through No Sleep Till Megiddo Records. An apocalyptic Industrialized/Funeral Doom 2 CD album 13 tracks and is almost 120 minutes long. It begins in eden and ends in apocalypse. Listen below to the nearly 10 minute long track ‘Withered & Dying’.

‘I am really happy with this project that almost didn’t see daylight’ says Armath Sargon.

He added ‘Lyrics are biblical and some songs got straight from the bible. Enjoy this journey that takes you from Fall of mankind to rise of God’s kingdom.’

F.M.D. is funeral doom mixed with traditional doom, Our vocal style is a mix of traditional doom mixed with death metal growls, Our music is a mix between My dying bride, Paramaecium and Place of skulls which are our biggest 3 influences…

This project was created out of a mutual love and respect for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and a lifelong love of Industrial and Doom metal.

F.M.D. is: Armath – Rhythm guitars and distorted bass, basic drum tracks, back vox. David – Noise/soundscapes/ambient, bass drones, additional bass, and additional drums/percussion, keys


01 A Eulogy For Humanity (Genesis 3_9-19 (Intro)) [5.52]
02 Withered and Dying [9.34]
03 The Failing as We Fall (Part 1) [2.35]
04 The Sun Fades On Mankind’s Dust [11.30]
05 Light the Fallen [11.44]
06 The Depths of Oblivion [7.27]
07 In Mourning [7.30]
08 Time Grows Short of this World [10.34]
09 The Failing as We Fall (Rev 22_7-21 (Part 2)) [9.00]
10 Within The Midst of Realization [20.17]
11 Words We Speak To Our Saviour (Psalm 51) [16.35]
12 Damnation Terminated [9.09]
13 To Forget the Past (Rev 21_1-7 (Outro)) [8.00]

Weblinks: F.M.D. Facebook  / No Sleep Till Megiddo

Video below: ‘Withered & Dying’

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