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Taped-EmpiresTaped is a post-hardcore/metalcore band hailing from Liechtenstein, the smallest German-speaking country in the world with only 37.000 inhabitants on 160 square kilometres. And here we close our geography lesson.

Taped was formed in 2009 by frontman Finlay Sky Davey and drummer Tiago Spagolla Ritter at the young age of 14 years old. They share a positive message about holding on when life gets tough and comradeship. They shared the stage with bands like Texas In July, Comeback Kid, Hatebreed, Enter Shikari, Eskimo Callboy and many more….

I followed Taped for a little while on facebook and read some reviews online which are almost all positive and that made me curious about this album. Then at one day Taped posted a review on their facebook page which was very negative and they asked their fans if this was true and wanted to know their opinion. I read the review of this American reviewer and judging, from what I have heard until now, this made no sense to me and I decided to do a review of my own. (Thanks to Redfield Records who were very co-operative). Now I will see, or listen, for myself what I have to say about “Empires”.

The intro ‘New Chapter’ makes you immediately expectantly for what is about to come. Luckily you don’t have to wait for long because, just like when you turn the page of a good book, you are treated to the next song ‘Turn The Page’ where we hear Taped in full ornate. Fresh metalcore with a sound that I find sometimes so typical for the European bands and beautiful clean vocals with a catchy tune. I can’t exactly describe what I mean but I find that the European bands sound different from their American counterparts. The album rages forth, the song ‘Remember Me’ will certainly not be forgotten, heavy breakdowns and blastbeats while Finlay screams: “remember me!!” (I will, I promise).

‘Abandoned Youth’ tells you to never give up even when life is hard and pushing you under. Backed up with music that keeps you going.

Then, for me, one of the highlights on this album: ‘Wolfpack’. This song is about (in their own words) team spirit which you need to Carry on when life is at it’s worst and about the war people wage against themselves, the fears that come along with it and about the social principles they are often keeping up with. Original arrangements with some digital electronic sounds, a heavy song with a catchy chorus. “You are never alone – Wolves hunt together”. Followed by ‘Changes’ which has an very original/melocical guitarline at the beginning quickly followed by an aggressive hardcore sound. At some parts this song reminds me a bit of oldschool hardcore. Very energetic.

The song ‘My War’ features David Beule of label-mates Vitja. ‘Convictions’is also a high energy song with some sing alongs for the pit! Whohohooo whohohooo!! I just can’t get it out of my head…. And ‘Behind The Mask’ makes you start to headbang and get you out of your chair, even if you aren’t a headbanger just like me. (I am too old for that shit…)

‘Lone [R]anger’ begins electronical and flows mellow into the typical metalcore sound where we also hear some parts that remind me of Norma Jean but interspersed with clean vocals. Last song ‘Empires’ features Bobby Stein of Coyotes and is a worthy closure of this album. With the lyrics: “We will always remember these dark days we are going through. We will never surrender until justice is done upon you”. Beautiful lyrics with a positive message.

As you have probably noticed by now I am very positive about “Empires”. This is a debut album that makes you wanting for more. I will most certainly follow this band in the future. If you are a bit tired of all the American ‘core’bands and are looking for a fresh new sound, you should check this band, from the small country of Liechtenstein, out.

Rating: 8/10

Written by: René Woning

1. New Chapter
2. Turn The Page
3. Values
4. Remember Me
5. Abandoned Youth
6. Interlude I: Rise
7. Wolfpack
8. Changes
9. My War (feat. David Beule / Vitja)
10. Interlude II: Head Up
11. Convictions
12. Behind The Mask
13. Lone[R]anger
14. [Empires] (feat. Bobby Stein/ Coyotes)

Band members
Finlay Sky Davey – Vocals
Tiago Spagolla Ritter – Drums/vocals
Christian Jäger – Guitar
Kevin Negele – Guitar
Philipp Luder – Bass

“Never Back Down” EP (2012)
“Empires” (2015)

Record label: Redfield Records, Februari, 2015

Weblinks: Facebook / Twitter

Buy the album here:
First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Video below: ‘Turn The Page’

Video below: ‘Wolfpack’

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