‘Messenger’ to Release New Album “Perfect Storm” on Sept 1st. Album Teaser Available


messenger bandSwedish heavy metal band Messenger will release their new album “Perfect Storm” on September 1st. The EP contains 6 tracks. The album will be distributed by JONOmedia. An album teaser can be streamed below

In an recent update the band said: ‘ It’s been quiet for quite a while now, but we’ve got some great news for all of you guys! The new CD, called “Perfect Storm”, is now finished and will be released later this summer/early this fall! Right now we’re working on some promotion and we’re planning a release gig for it! It’s a six song CD with the same classic melodic metal sound as the last one, but this time we’ve been working together with producer Johannes Karlsson from Safemode to really bring out the best in the sound! It’s heavy, it’s raw, it’s metal and it is rocking! Keep an eye out for it because this CD sure is something!’

Messenger is made up of five young men who together want to share their faith in God through their music and their lives. Messenger started out as a vision of a way to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through rock music. It was Josef, Fredrik, Eddie and Simon that first shared this vision in the town of Alunda but soon Johnny also joined the ranks. We had played together before but not really to this extent and most of all, not for this purpose, to tell the world about Jesus Christ through our music. After about a year the vision started to come true and we started practicing and writing songs and it resulted in a 6 song EP called “Heart and Mind” which was released in 2012. The songs on the CD are about the bands faith in Jesus Christ but also involves storys from lifetime situations. It’s unclear what the future holds but we believe that God has a plan for this band and we’ll be following that path untill we can’t walk anymore.

Are you ready to join the ride?

The line-up consists of: Josef Mineur – Vocals, Fredrik Elm – Guitar, Eddie Widell – Guitar, Johnny Sandberg – Bass, Simon Levén – Drums

1. What I Believe
2. Rockin’ In Faith
3. I Need You Now
4. Tear Down These Walls
5. Perfect Storm
6. O Store Gud (How Great Thou Art)


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Video below “Perfect Storm” (Album Teaser)

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