‘Pantokrator’ Lyric Video Released For ‘Revolution’, Pre-Order Your Copy Now


Pantokrator-2013Swedish death metallers Pantokrator are ready to release a new album, the follow up to 2007′s “Aurum”. The album is titled “Incarnate” and will be released in Januari 2014 via Rottweiler Records & Soundmass. The lyric video for ‘Revolution’ can be seen below.

“After a long journey – 7 years – of writing, composing, editing and recording, Pantokrator’s new album “Incarnate” is finally done! It is an album that in itself is something all new, yet at the same time has the intensity of their heavy-hitter “Aurum” [2007, Whirlwind Records] and the “Heritage of Blod” [2003, Rivel Records]. Musically, this Swedish band is now heavier but more melodic, brutal but catchy, dark but progressive. With skill and talent, “Incarnate” mixes thrashy riffs with a mantle of death metal and a heart of doom. It is moody extreme metal cloaked in death metal – their best and most diverse album. Add to that top-notch production and a final mix by Jani Stefanovic and you get Pantokrator at the top of their game audibly, lyrically and visibly.

Pantokrator‘s “Incarnate” has the heaviness of the earth, the speed of the wind, the depth of the waters and destroys like fire!”

Recently we conducted an interview with Pantokrator. About the new album the band said the following:

For the last album ‘Aurum’ we went to an expensive studio, but this time we recorded everything ourselves. That gave us more time to work on the details, which we felt were sometimes missing on Aurum. Musically we think it’s both heavier but still more melodic than Aurum. On Aurum we had more thrash-influences but this time we are more focused on the melodies and the mood. It’s in our opinion a better and more diverse album.

Read the entire interview here.


1. Incarnate
2. Cast Down
3. Revolution
4. Amidst The Wolves
5. Seraphim Wings
6. Icarus Burning
7. Sammath Naur
8. Millennium In Chains
9. Ökenvandring


US and Canada Rottweiler Records / Europe and Australia Soundmass.com

Band members:
Mattias Johansson – guitar
Karl Walfridsson – vocals
Rickard Gustafsson – drums
Jonas Wallinder – bass
Jonathan Jansson – guitar

Weblinks: Facebook / Website / Twitter

Lyric Video Below ‘Revolution’

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