‘Evanescence’ Working on New Music


According to Amy Lee‘s publicists at Mercenary Publicity, the Evanescence singer and her bandmates are currently in the studio working on new music, expected later this year.

Lee hinted in an interview with AOL last fall that the band was gearing up to make new music, but that it might not take the form of a traditional album release. Lee explained: “We have some new little plan in store, but I don’t wanna give it away yet. But there is some new Evanescence stuff that we’re starting at, but it’s not exactly the most traditional thing. It’s not just, ‘Okay, we’re gonna make a new album right now.’ Not that that’s not coming, but first there’s something else that’s a little bit special and different and [that is] gonna take you down a different path that we wanna try.”

Lee said a while back that she doesn’t use record sales as a gauge for success these days. “Well, you just can’t judge it the same way you used to and by the same model,” she explained. “Having people hear and connect to your song isn’t directly linked to record sales, that’s for sure. I think it may be more accurate to look at how many views on YouTube or something. I’m cool about it. We’ve had a lot of success in the past and that’s awesome. I don’t look at it like this daunting thing that we have to live up to, I look at it like this really positive, awesome thing that wouldn’t have been able to happen if we’d come out for the first time this year.”

Lee also told AOL that Evanescence is “really having a good time as a band right now. Everybody’s just gelling really well together and playing really well together.”

Evanescence released a career-spanning vinyl box set containing all three official studio albums along with the rare, early demo album “Origin”. Also included in the six-LP set is a disc collecting the band’s legendary bonus tracks along with the first new Evanescence studio recording in years, ‘Even In Death (2016)’, a song that originally appeared on “Origin”.

Lee released a new single, ‘Love Exists’, on February 10 as an interactive valentine. Fans were invited to create and share their own valentine featuring surreal pop art by Jennybird Alcantara to accompany the song.

‘Love Exists’ is also available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music Unlimited.

In addition, Lee‘s single ‘Speak To Me’ will appear on the soundtrack for the forthcoming supernatural thriller “Voice From The Stone”, due April 28.


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