Texas hardcore Band ‘Starve’ Releases “Desperate Measures” EP as Free Download


Starve_2015OnTheAttack Records is pleased to announce the release of the “Desperate Measures,” the debut EP from Abilene, Texas based hardcore band Starve. Hosted by online hardcore and punk webzine Idioteq, the six song debut demonstrates the band’s motto: Wild, Fast, and Loud. Lyrically, the EP deals with life’s gritty realities, and how cold pain and raw anger from worldly wickedness can lead to desperation and despair.

The band states: “With our first EP, “Desperate Measures,” (OnTheAttack Records) we really just wanted to get some fresh music out. The hardcore/punk/metal scene, especially in Texas, is saturated with so many amazing bands, and the music-landscape is always changing, so just to be heard is an accomplishment. That being said, we’re proud of the tunes that we have put together, and we can’t wait to share them with anyone who is willing to listen. We love music that is heavy and aggressive, so we focused on delivering powerful, metallic, hard-hitting tracks.”“As far as the song concepts go, our vocalist, Dylan, spent a considerable amount of time writing about real-world issues. The lyrics focus on some of the dark, gritty realities of life, from drug abuse, to modern-day slavery, to sleep paranoia, and child molestation. However, throughout the EP, there is an undertone of hope and redemption. And that’s the message we wanted to communicate with “Desperate Measures,” that even though the world can be dark, the light is greater. As a band, we love playing live, and we plan to take this message with us on the road. We are also in the process of writing new music, and we are looking forward to evolving as musicians. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Starve.”

Starve features Dylan Hayward (vocals), John Hutton (guitar), Cansas Estep (bass) and Tanner Coker (drums).

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OnTheAttack Records began in the Bronx in 2005, and moved to California in 2013. Same heavy music… Same uplifting message.

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