‘Cast A Fire’s’ ‘Bruno Mira’ Releases New Solo EP ‘Of All The People’


Bruno Mira aka The Fellow Man vocalist of Cast A Fire has released a second solo EP, titled Of All The People. 5 accoustic/folk songs, the EP is available on his bandcamp page. Check the video for the song Sing With Me below. Artwork and tracklist can also be viewed below.

Bruno has the following to say: ‘I have a strange relationship with music… just can’t stay too much time in the same place. So, here we are with this folkish thing seeing where it leads.’

Cast A Fire is a rock/metal band from Lisbon, Portugal. Their latest album Lost was released in August last year by Real Gana Records. You can read our review of Lost here.

1. Own Way 03:34
2. Deliver Me 02:57
3. Careful 03:05
4. Baby Girl (A Song For Carolina) 03:07
5. Home To Me (A Song For Susi) 03:48

Cast A Fire – These Troubled Waters [April 2010]
Cast A Fire – Lost [Aug. 2011]
Bruno Mira – Gorgeous Green EP [March 2012]
Bruno Mira – Of All The People EP [Nov. 2012]

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