‘Azoria’ (Feat. ReinXeed Members) To Release Debut Album “Seasons Change” On Feb. 28


Azoria_pic1Azoria – A New great metal act from Sweden! Featuring Alex Oriz, Tommy ReinXeed, Chris David [ReinXeed], Snowy Shaw [Therion, King Diamond, Sabaton], Mike Andersson [Cloudscape]. Their album “Seasons Change” will be released on February 5th in Japan via King Records & February 28 the rest of the world via Liljegren Records/Doolittle Group A.B. 

Azoria was founded in early 2013 by the band leader and lead-guitarist Alexander Oriz. Alex Oriz have worked hard the last years as a producer, songwriter and as a guitarist in the bands ReinXeed & Oriz!

Alex Oriz is also one of the guitar-players in the successful power metal band ReinXeed who has just released their great studio album ”A New World” who has received fantastic reveiws in metal media around the world! In Azoria we also find Chris David, the bass-player of ReinXeed & Oriz! Chris came back from the US in 2012 to join ReinXeed after a year of studying and touring with the band Sledge Leather who also features the awesome keyboard-player Scott Warren [Ex-Dio!]. We also find Simon Jonsson on rythm-guitars in Azoria! Simon have also been A touring member with ReinXeed during the “1912” & “Welcome To The Theater” tour! On drums we find no one else than Emil Eriksson from the bands Oriz & JD Miller! Emil is an excellent drummer who has a ton of experience as a touring/studio musician in different acts!

The debut album by Azoria called “Seasons Change” is featuring a fantastic all-star team with different vocalists just like Avantasia to make the best possible result for each song! The band landed a deal with King Records in Japan, same label as ReinXeed and for the rest of the world Liljegren Records/Doolittle Group will handle the release of Azoria‘s excellent debut album “Season Change”.

On the opening song ‘Just Like The Phoenix’ and on the song ‘Inside My Heart’ we find no other than Sweden ́s power metal frontman Tommy ReinXeed from the successful bands ReinXeed/Golden Resurrection on lead vocals! Tommy makes a great job on this album and takes this two songs to a higher level! Vocalist Mikael Dahl from the great Swedish Heavy-Metal band Crystal Eyes is singing in a majestic way on the title track ‘Seasons Change’, a fantastic melodic power metal song that goes excellent with Mikael Dahl’s heavy vocals! Mike Andersson with the great vocal pipes from Full Force, Cloudscape & Ayreon is singing on the songs ‘Prophecy’ and the marvelous ‘To The Land Of Glory’! Mike really rocks and make this two songs as his own on this album! Another great rockstar on the album is Snowy Shaw! Snowy is known for his great work in Sabaton, King Diamond, Dream Evil, Therion, Dimmu Borgir etc… Snowy Shaw sings on the songs ‘Peace Of Mind’ & ‘Starlight’! Snowy also performs Alphaville‘ ́s classic ‘Big In Japan’ in A rocking metal version that will be the Japanese bonus track on Azoria‘s debut album! Snowy is a fantastic vocalist & musician that makes a excellent contribution to Azoria‘s debut album! On the album we also find Mike E Gunnardo! Mark is a great metal-singer from the bands ”Nordic Mist” & ”Jawbreakers” Mark sings on the songs ‘Love It Loud’  & ‘Inside My Heart’ on Azoria‘z debut album! We also find a female vocalist on this album! Matilda Eriksson from the swedish town Borås known from Swedish Television broadcast TV4-Körslaget is singing the awesome song ‘When You Sleep’. Matilda has a incredible voice that makes this song into a masterpiece!

Azoria will please many metal fans in Japan but also around the world, especially all followers of ReinXeed as the connection is strong and you will hear great music elements and inspiration from ReinXeed, Iron Maiden, Hammerfall and Edguy on Azoria‘s debut album! Azoria is right now in preparations for their live shows and very excited to perform live and start touring in 2014!


1. Just like the phoenix
2. Inside My Heart
3. Seasons Change
4. Prophecy
5. To the Land Of Glory
6. When you sleep
7. Love It Loud
8. Starlight
9. Peace of Mind

Band members:
Alex Oriz – Lead Guitars
Chris David – Bass
Simon J – Rythm Guitars
Emil Eriksson – Drums

Snowy Shaw – Lead Vocals
Mike Andersson – Lead Vocals
Mikael Dahl – Lead Vocals
Mark E Gunnardo – Lead Vocals
Tommy ReinXeed – Lead Vocals
Matilda Eriksson – Lead Vocals

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