Australian Death Metal Band ‘Revulsed’ Releases “Live Atrocity – The Inception Of Sufferance” CD/DVD


“Live Atrocity – The Inception Of Sufferance” – is the first Live CD/DVD double disc release of Melbourne’s death metal band Revulsed. The new band of extreme drummer Jayson Sherlock. “Live Atrocity” was filmed at their debut show 4th June 2016. All songs are taken from their debut album “Infernal Atrocity” the difference is, this CD is live version, with their new vocalist Damien Miriklis.

“Live Atrocity” is available digitally at Bandcamp or thru Brutal Mind. Artwork (below) was made by Daemorph Evil Art Dominion.


01. Rapacious Engorgement Live 03:59
02. Agonising Putrid Self-Infliction Live 03:59
03. Pestilential Articulation Live 03:41
04. Imposed Cognitive Reconstruction Live 04:05
05. Transmutational Craniotomy Live 03:54
06. Archetypal Cauterization Live 04:13
07. Enticement to Carnivorous Impoverishment Live 04:00
08. Celestial Perspicacity Live 02:42
09. Infernal Atrocity Live 02:01
10. Hammer Smashed Face (free) 04:04

From the ashes of inExordium, Revulsed is Death Metal in it’s purest form.

Their debut album “Infernal Atrocity” has been released on Oct. 31. through Permeated Records.

Revulsed is Sheldon D’Costa – Guitars (inExordium, Incarnate, ex-Incursion, ex-Unforsaken), Jayson Sherlock – Drums (ex-Mortification, Horde, Parameacium, inExordium, Deliverance), Damien Miriklis on vocals and Mark Smith – Bass (Torture Kill, Severed Abortion).

Weblinks: Facebook / Bandcamp

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