One Man Solo Project ‘Symphony Of Heaven’ Releases ‘Stratagem’ Single/Lyric Video


Symphonic Christian extreme metal act Symphony Of Heaven recently released a new lyric video for ‘Stratagem’ the track can also be downloaded for free at bandcamp (name your price). The lyric video can be seen below.

Symphony Of Heaven is a one man solo project of Logan Thompson from Owensville IN. Not happy with only listening to music, he deciding it was time to bring the sound in his head to the people. Crushing, epic, and extreme, Symphony Of Heaven brings the Christian message with a loud shout!

as smoke fills my lungs
the sky fills my eyes
as stars shine blazing
and the moon in its rise
the wind through the trees
in my mind echoes memories
a Hand unseen still veiled to me

a Divine design stretching across the ages of time
an eternal plan my life in His hands

Weblinks: Bandcamp

Video for: ‘Stratagem’


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